The 4 Most Embarrassing Work Injuries

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly three million accidents not involving fatalities happen each year in America. Accidents and injuries in the workplace are, for the most part, no laughing matter. But there are times when humor is present in the most serious of circumstances. You will likely agree after reading accounts of a few of the most embarrassing workplace injuries ever experienced. 

Walking in the Rain

A data analyst was leaving work on a day with heavy rain. The temperature began to fall, and the analyst could see the water settling in the parking lot turning to ice. The data analyst was walking to her car when she felt her feet slip from beneath her. A moment later, she was on the ground. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw there was no one to witness her moment of embarrassment. 

The data analyst quickly took to her feet and climbed into her car. Her thoughts were to drive herself home, but she realized on the way she needed medical attention. Fortunately, her injuries turned out to be no reason for concern. The data analyst had only been with the company for seven months. The incident caused coworkers to refer to her as “the girl that got hurt.”

The Puddle of Sweat

A yoga instructor stepped into a puddle of sweat left by one of her students and fell to the floor. Her students came quickly to her aid, but she was unable to continue the day’s session. A trip to the emergency room revealed a dislocated shoulder. 

The instructor says she laughed a bit at the time, but the pain kept the humor in check. After some time has passed, she says she laughs whenever she thinks about the incident. She says she also pays more attention to the floor and avoids puddles at all costs. 

A New Job Experience

Everyone has heard a story about a contractor who injured themselves falling from a roof, cutting themselves with a power tool or burning themselves with a hot object. But one experienced contractor was sure to avoid all the hazards involved with his current job. 

He avoided them until he fell on the sidewalk and injured himself on the way back to his truck. The injury resulting from the accident turned out to be no laughing matter. The contractor missed a year of work with a back injury. 

Making an Impression

A marketing manager working for a new company decided to attend a Christmas party with coworkers. The marketing manager was still unfamiliar to many of the people who worked with him and wanted to make a good impression at the party. The festivities included drinks, food and live entertainment. 

The marketing manager ate a bit of food and then enjoyed a healthy supply of drinks. A coworker then suggested he join a group for tequila shots. Unfortunately, the marketing manager would find that his stomach was unprepared for the workload. 

The good news for the marketing manager is that he made it to the bathroom before throwing up. The bad news is he also took a fall that resulted in a broken hand. It took a month for his hand to heal. But it took much longer to repair his bruised ego. 

Legal Compensation

Workers who experience injuries due to work-related accidents are likely due compensation regardless of the accident’s circumstances. This fact is true even when a bit of humor is involved with the retelling of the accident. An attorney will be able to provide you with information regarding workers’ compensation insurance. They will likely know the other forms of compensatory benefits that may be available to you following a work-related accident.