The Future of Performance Marketing: Trends to Watch

The world of performance marketing is constantly evolving, so staying on top of trends is critical if you want to remain relevant. Gone are the days of banner advertisements and simple display advertising. Today’s performance marketing experts are taking a holistic approach to uncover opportunities for higher conversion levels.

In this article, we’ll examine current performance marketing trends to be aware of when planning your advertising campaigns.

Personalization Is Key

If you want customers to respond to your marketing efforts, take every opportunity to personalize your content. Your ads and communications should speak directly to your customers, ensuring a more organic experience.

When personalizing content, you’ll need to think critically about your various marketing channels. For instance, in a pay-per-click (PPC) model, you can target a customer who’s comparing you to your competitors by using ad language that speaks to the benefits of your merchandise.

Your one-on-one communications, such as email and SMS marketing, should also use personalization elements. For example, you can recommend products that reflect your customer’s browsing history or prior orders with your company.

Go Beyond Keywords

PPC marketing is now much more than simply defining keywords and writing ad copy. It’s now possible to select the demographics of your ad, ensuring it only appears to individuals who fit your target audience.

For instance, if you’re a New York restaurant serving delicious Italian food, you’ll want a PPC campaign tailored for people in your area. You won’t want to pay for ads appearing when someone in Chicago searches for a pizza restaurant.

When considering PPC performance marketing vs. growth marketing, understand that you’re seeking to make a sale or get some other type of conversion. You’re not looking to simply get the word out about your brand. Thus, you’ll want to adopt a PPC strategy that aligns with your objectives.

Look to Dynamic Advertisements

Dynamic advertisements are a form of PPC ads that appear to consumers who recently visited your website or ordered a product from you. With the right advertising platform, you can retarget consumers across different marketing channels, encouraging them to finalize a purchase or continue browsing for other merchandise.

For instance, if a customer clicks on your social media ad and visits your website, you can track their browsing activity. You’ll gain knowledge of several key events, including what attracted them to click on the social media ad and the pages they visited on your website.

Using the information you obtain, you can institute dynamic ads that appear through other channels, such as search engines and display advertisements. Your dynamic ads will include products the customer viewed or similar merchandise that might interest them.

Dynamic ads are typically more successful because the consumer is already familiar with the product. With the right call-to-action, they’re more likely to complete their purchase with your company.

Consider Connected TV Advertising

Connected TV advertising is one of the newer marketing channels, but it’s making big waves in the advertising industry. According to recent connected TV statistics, there was nearly a 70% increase in consumer reach during the last quarter of 2022. Conversions through connected TV also grew by almost 50%.

Marketing through connected TV is similar to other digital marketing platforms like social media. Once you create a video advertisement, you can show it to your target audience, which you’ll select based on their demographics, online behavior, and other criteria.

Connected TV ads are available on all televisions or other devices that connect to the internet. For example, popular streaming apps like YouTube, Hulu, and Roku all support TV advertisements. With the right ad, you’ll see a jump in consumer interest on your website or your physical storefront.

Be Nimble in Your Performance Marketing Strategies

While these are just a few trends to watch in performance marketing, advertising is constantly changing. It’s wise to stay on top of the trends and assess them to see where they fit into your comprehensive marketing strategy. Not every trend is appropriate for all organizations, so consider your objectives before investing in a new advertising method.