The Power of an Idea: Selling Your Services to the General Public


The online retail marketplace is often associated with the sale of physical products to the end user. From t-shirts and electronics to car parts and jewellery, there is always room for expansion. Still, there are other concerns associated with such ventures. Physical overhead, storage space and shipping costs can quickly torpedo a dream if you happen to be working with a limited budget. The good news is that you do not necessarily have to market a physical item to enjoy fiscal freedom. There is a very high demand for services across the Internet and if you know how to develop a sound business model, success could be just around the corner. How can you begin down this digital path and what are some powerful options to consider?

Understanding the Needs of Your Audience Base

In many ways, a service is identical to a product. It must appeal with the end user, it is employed to solve a specific problem and if marketed correctly, services can breed an extremely loyal customer base. It is nonetheless critical to appreciate the needs of your demographic from the very beginning. For example, promoting online educational courses to those who are already enrolled in a full-time university will hardly produce the results that you desire.

Try to better understand what services resonate with your current audience. This data can be gleaned from surveys, feedback and how they responded to similar campaigns in the past. Although it may take a bit of time performing trial runs, the information that you will be able to obtain can prove to be invaluable when deciding upon a specific course of action.

You should always keep in mind that you cannot satisfy the needs of your entire client base. This is why it is best to ascertain what the majority prefer. You might otherwise find that the ultimate approach lacks focus due to its rather nebulous nature. The main takeaway point is that customers want consistency. Once you have begun offering a specific service to end users, this format should not change. Any subsequent modifications could quickly alienate your target audience and cause them to look elsewhere for similar offers.

Intangible Products for Tangible Profits: The Technical Side of Things

There may still be times when brainstorming produces few viable results. It could therefore be just as prudent to take a a look at some Shopify business ideas including:

  • Memberships
  • Online consultations
  • Paid podcasts and webinars
  • “How-to” presentations such as the steps involved when dieting
  • Virtual classes and courses

Having said this, it is also critical to employ the correct type of e-commerce software. Although you are not marketing a physical product, the customer experience should be just as transparent and streamlined. Keep in mind that website design is critical in order to promote your services as well as your brand identity. In other words, never neglect the role that UX will play in terms of promotions. What factors should you address?

It can be argued that the most important metric associated with a hosting service is how easy the architecture will be to modify when needed. Never forget that updates and changes will likely be required from time to time. It is best to opt for providers which supply malleable platforms that do not require a great deal of HTML and coding knowledge.

Furthermore, be sure to determine what types of e-commerce designs are available. You should be able to choose from a wide variety of configurations based upon your needs. Let’s remember that those who are promoting services will likely require real-time communications with clients. So, check to determine if common VoIP software is supported (or if it is included directly within the hosting service).

It is finally crucial to mention that the provider in question must be able to offer ample levels of customer support if you happen to have a technical question or if a problem is noted. A standalone email address is hardly sufficient in such circumstances. Live chat support and a dedicated telephone number are often preferred methods, as you will be able to speak directly with a specialist.

Assuming that you have developed a worthwhile marketing strategy and you are already working with a user-friendly web hosting service, it is wise to obtain feedback from clients on a regular basis. This information will help`you to appreciate how the campaign is performing as well as if any adjustments are required. As always, customer satisfaction is key if you hope to enjoy long-term success within such a competitive industry.

The great news about providing services to the public is that there is always room for growth, so be sure to think outside of the box in order to develop the most effective solutions.