The Ultimate in Logistics Networking Solutions

When it comes to technical logistics, you want to use a specialist company that you can trust to get the job done properly, the first time around. You will want to use a provider with the expertise, knowhow and resources to make sure that your equipment is moved and stored securely, delivered at an agreed time and, if needs be, technical installation taken care of, it sounds like a lot to ask but here is what you should expect.

Final Mile Deliveries

When dealing with technical equipment of any kind you will need a specialist company like TecDis with vehicles that are operated by the best of technically skilled drivers. The unpacking, positioning and removal of any waste should be a given, not an added extra. If your business operates within the boundaries of Europe then you will want a company that has the ability to carefully move your goods throughout Europe taking care of things like customs clearance.


The most comprehensive of technical logistics companies have their own specialist warehouses which means that they have access to cross dock transportation, their very own inventory management, pick and pack procedures and quality checks are just a few of the features that make a specialist logistics company top choice. There is far less room for error when it comes to getting things right, the first time.  

Some industry sectors such as the medical care industry will need specialist warehousing facilities, facilities that are, perhaps, temperature controlled and or for the goods to be handled in a specific manner. With the ultimate in logistics, networking solutions this can be another thing to tick off of your wish list.

Value Added Services

Additional services are always on offer but, you could find that using the same company for all of your needs means that you save time and money in the long run. Take things like servicing and maintenance, for example. Do you already have a company in mind or use a trusted provider already? Either way, making enquiries with one of the market leaders should give you a quick enough answer on time and money saving. 

They can also take care of things like system configuration, pre-installation, end user training, site surveys, DOA testing and overall project management, for some people this will be a complete weight off of their mind.

Reverse Logistics

What happens before and after your equipment is installed can often get overlooked, often meaning that it doesn’t receive the proper care and attention that it should, however, with the best in the business you can expect to receive; the decommissioning of old equipment, asset management services, refurbishment services as an when needed, re-packaging when needed, removal of equipment for resale and WEEE disposal which for some industries is an absolute must. All in all, the services that are provided really do offer the ultimate in logistical care will put your mind at ease in terms of recycling and disposal of any unwanted packaging or goods.