Three Ways to get More Traffic to Your PC Repair Store

PC repair

Nearly everything will be digital going into the 2020s. Despite the public’s awareness of this, people still run into problems with their PC, and will gladly pay anybody to repair them.

Combine this with how easy it is to start even a brick-and-mortar business, and it is clear that PC repair will be an evergreen industry that will see vastly increasing demands going into the next decade.

Because it is possible to operate a PC repair business from virtually anywhere, more and more people will be interested in doing so.

This means you need to stand out from the competition and find ways to get more people to seek services from you.

Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it seems, and doing these three things will get more people to seek services from you.

These three things are very quick to implement, have not been considered by many PC repair business owners, and do not cost a lot of time or money.

1 – Consider Other Services Besides PC Repair

Smartphones and tablets may as well be called “mini laptops” nowadays. A smartphone or tablet from 2015 can easily outperform and can do just as many things as a laptop computer from 2005 can, if not more.

If you own a PC repair store, you need to be aware of this. While you may believe that you are “niched” by only offering PC repair services, the fact that you are not also looking into repair services for smartphones and tablets is detrimental.

While this does not mean you should start advertising repair services for every smartphone and tablet under the sun, it does mean that you should start advertising repair services for certain smartphones and tablets that the people in your area use the most.

Some simple research and training can easily accomplish this.

2 – Sell Accessories Alongside Your Services

Figures don’t lie: Today’s tech consumers are more attracted to PC, tablet, and smartphone accessories than ever.

If you are only doing repairs, you are also holding yourself by not having some semblance of accessory inventory in your store.

Now you may be thinking: “I thought you said this was going to be cost effective! Accessories cost money to order and maintain!”

While this is a sound objection, consider the demand for these kinds of accessories. People no longer trust buying PC, tablet, and smartphone accessories from major retailers. They would rather purchase them from experts.

This is where your PC repair store comes in.

Just like with expanding repair services on devices, you should niche the accessories. See what kinds of accessories are the most popular among the public around you, then begin selling them. You’ll attract crowds this way.

3 – Use Neon Signs

This is something that, for some reason, PC repair stores refuse to do.

Why they refuse to do it is really unknown, as PC repair stores are, at the end of the day, just like any other establishment.

People think and act with their eyes. If they see something that attracts them, they will make a beeline for it.

Neon signs Depot, especially “vertical open signs” are nothing like they used to be. They can be customized more than ever. If you place a sign like this next to a sign that shows a special that you are offering, more people will be going to your store for services and accessories.

If you do these three things will make your PC repair store see much more traffic, especially if you combine them.

One of the worst things that PC repair stores do is think that they are “above” certain strategies and tactics. The truth is that they are just like any other existing establishment. The more aware of this you are, the more effective your business will be.