Tips for Salespeople When Email Prospecting

No matter how communication technologies change and evolve, email remains the most efficient channel for generating leads. But first, you need to convince the recipient to open your message. According to statistics, people open only 24% of emails they find in their inboxes. Each person receives around 147 emails daily and deletes almost 50% of them within 5 minutes. In this article, you’ll find smart recommendations on how to grab the attention of your potential customers from the first line and motivate them to get back to you.

Get to Know Your Customer

Before targeting an email at someone, make sure that this person or organization could indeed be interested in your goods and services. “Cold” email prospecting doesn’t have to be “blind”. For each of your corporate recipients, try to build a profile that consists of the following information:

  • Sphere of activity
  • Scale of operation
  • Product line
  • How long they have been in business

On the internet, you can find plenty of LinkedIn automation tools that will help you collect the necessary data from this network and fine-tune your mailings. Such tools differ considerably in their price and functionality, so you can easily choose the one that fits best your individual demands.

Find out the name and the position of the employee who makes important decisions in the company. You need to address directly the person who is responsible for purchases, collaborations, and signing contracts. And here, we move on to the next tip…

Resort to Personalization

The conversion rate of personalized emails is 10% higher than that of mass mailing, and the click-through rate is 14% higher.

Try to obtain the following personal information about your recipient:

  • First and last name
  • Title and position
  • The names of their colleagues and competitors
  • Demographic data
  • Industry and niche information
  • Hobbies, personal preferences, professional spheres of interest
  • Education, degree
  • Recent professional achievements, business challenges that they successfully overcame
  • Recent recognitions and awards
  • Recently published content — and please explain why it produced such a positive impression on you

Approximately half of the recipients consider message personalization as the most effective email marketing tactics, so please avoid uniformed templates.

Compile a Catchy Subject Line

For 35% of recipients, an engaging subject line is a strong enough argument to open an email. An ideal subject line counts a maximum of 50 characters, contains the first name of the recipient and a compelling question. For instance, it can be such a question as “Are you happy with your ZOOM video conferences?” or “Have you integrated a crypto wallet to your site?”.

Don’t persuade your recipient to immediately spend money on your products. Spammy lines like “YOU HAVE 1 DAY TO GRAB THIS OFFER!” only turn the audience off. On the internet, you can find diverse subject line checkers that will help you assess the visual appearance and efficiency of your messages. Some of these tools are available at no cost.

Keep It Short

You remember that there are other 146 new emails in your recipient’s mailbox, right? So please try to be concise and compile a brief presentation for your offering, no matter how advanced or complicated your product is. According to the statistics, emails that contain between 50 and 125 words get the highest response rate.

Concentrate on Your Customer’s Gain

Instead of advertising your company, goods, or services, you should state it from the onset that you have something that can improve your customer’s quality of life. Try to outline the attractive prospects in a colorful manner. Let your potential clients know that they can increase their sales, make their offices more comfortable, or improve the technical characteristics of their products thanks to your unique and valuable offer. If you also want your inbox to be out of spam, you can also check Inboxy as they automatically boost your domain’s reputation so you can get more replies from your leads.

Decide on a Single Call to Action

Multiple calls don’t motivate people. Emails with single calls can increase clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%. Try to concentrate on one convincing impetus and make sure it won’t require a too big mental effort from your customers.

Add a Signature

When you put a signature under your message, it looks more professional and gives the clients additional opportunities to contact you.

Calculate Favorable Timing

There is no universal answer to the question of what day and time is the best for sending out emails. You need to detect it yourself with the help of email tracking software. This tool will let you know how many of your messages were opened, forwarded, or ignored, and at which time the recipients read them. Based on these statistics, you’ll be able to rationally plan your next mailings.

Send Follow-Ups

Sending just one email is a common mistake of salespeople. Just 19% of them send a follow-up after receiving no answer to the first message. However, studies show the following trend: the first email normally receives an 18% reply rate, the second one — 14%, the fourth one — 13%, and the sixth one — 27%. So be persistent and carry on to maximize your chances to get a reply.

To convince the recipient to open and read your email might be a challenging task — but if you succeed, you can expect an impressive ROI.