Tips on How to Buy Bitcoin by Cash

Whether you are a new crypto investor or a seasoned trader, getting helpful information is very important. Knowing how to buy Bitcoin by cash will ensure that you enjoy convenience, crypto safety, and the best commissions.

Bitcoin is one of the most sought-after crypto coins today, so it is very prone to hacking and fraud. So, when buying with cash, you should know the possible options and how they work.

The following options will work perfectly for both newbies and seasoned traders. Check them out and take notes.

Online Exchanges

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are virtual money transacted online. So, most transactions are done online through the help exchange platforms. There are two types of online exchanges, and all are perfect for anyone who is looking for how to buy Bitcoin by cash.

·       CEX platforms – These are centralized platforms managed by institutions. They have enough liquidity to facilitate instant crypto buying and selling. So, when you are looking for how to buy Bitcoin by cash, you need to check the best CEX platforms that accept cash from the bank and use them. You can access them on your phone through an app or web platform on your computer.

·       DEX platforms – These are decentralized platforms that help crypto sellers and buyers to meet and transact. Therefore, liquidity is not regulated by the platform. So, for you to buy or sell, you need to be hooked up by a willing seller or buyer. Sometimes, the platform provides a secure platform for the transaction while the two parties might need to meet physically to transact.

Bitcoin ATMs

For people who prefer a physical way of buying crypto with cash, using a Bitcoin ATM is a perfect choice. There is a lot of information on how to buy Bitcoin by cash using a BTC ATM, and we will also explain more.

You simply need to visit the standalone kiosk called the BTC ATM and follow the instructions to buy the coins. These ATMs accept local and international currencies, so it is easy to buy with fiat money. However, you can also buy crypto using a bank card.

Physical Exchanges

If the Bitcoin ATM is not available and you still need a traditional way of buying crypto with cash, physical crypto outlets are also perfect. These are crypto exchanges with physical outlets such as banks or a forex bureau where investors walk in and buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

These are perfect solutions for anyone who is looking for how to buy Bitcoin by cash and wants to remain discreet. You don’t need to log into any platform where your information or investment could be stolen and misused.


If you are looking for how to buy Bitcoin by cash, then you now have the right information to help you make the right decisions. This article is insightful for all crypto investors, but if you need detailed information on how to trade using these platforms, you should research more.