Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System in 2018

Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System in 2018

Microsoft’s Windows 7 released in 2007 and it was preceded by Windows Vista. Windows Vista was censured by numerous clients as a result of poor execution and long advancement time. In 2008, Windows 7 would be the official name of the operating system because of windows 7 features. The overall performance of this operating system increased like shut down, files loading, data transferring and in many aspects performance increases.Today we will discuss Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System. Moreover, we will move this articles to the new features of Windows 7 or windows 7 features.

Windows 7 is available in different versions, for example, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. Each version of the windows 7 operating system contains specific features such as Encrypting File System, Bit Locker drive encryption. These are the limited Features of Windows 7 Operating System(Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System). Here are the Windows 7 professional features. Windows 7 has introduced the new taskbar, “Aero” windows management, and libraries. However, these properties include in windows 7 features.  Windows 7 has a native TFTP client with the ability to transfer files to or from a TFTP server like Windows 10. Windows 10 has advanced features rather than Windows 7.

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As many of you might probably have installed brand-new Windows 7 already, now you might want to explore all the key features of Windows 7. Let’s talk about the Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System:

Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System in 2018

1: Windows Snipping Tool a good windows 7 features

Snipping Tool is one of the Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 operating system in 2018, it provides to take a screenshot of any screen and anywhere, no matter you are watching video or images you can take a screenshot.

Go to Start > All programs then find Snipping Tool > click on it

Once Snipping Tool opens you can take a screenshot of your own choice and can save it.

2: Windows Touch(Features of Windows 7 Operating System)

Best Top 10 Features of Window 7 Operating System

One of the cool new components accessible in Windows 7 is Windows Touch. On the off chance that you have the correct screen, you can accomplish practically anything a mouse or keyboard can do using your bare hands you don’t require Windows 8 or 8.1 to utilize touch highlight. Moreover, you can get these latest updates using Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System. You can likewise appreciate the Multi-Touch Feature in Windows 7.

3: Home Group(features of windows 7 operating system in 2018)

Home Group is another features of Windows 7 operating System. Workgroups are little systems that share records, printers and Internet associations. Everything is shared in HomeGroup and a consequeces for windows 7 features. In windows 7 you can make Home Group effectively.

Disadvantages of utilizing HomeGroup:

  • You can’t set security or share authorizations on PCs in the workgroup.
  • Or, you can’t get the basics feature of Windows 7 operating system

4: The Internet and Digital TV

These are the most interesting and useful features of Windows 7. Follow these steps to get access to this features:

Go to start, All programs go to Windows Media Center, you can enjoy live TV, saved video, Pictures, Music, Movies, recorded TV as well. If you insert any CD or DVD you can play it using windows media Center.

5: BitLocker To Go: (Windows 7 professional features)

In Windows 7, the ability of BitLocker that performs bit-level full volume encryption and extends its utilization to removable storage devices, for example, USB drives.

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BitLocker To Go permits you to encode a USB drive and confine access with a password. And of course, it is important for any USB drive to secure it.

6: Sticky Notes:

Sticky notes remind the users of their important daily basis work. If someone has the important business meeting, it helps a lot and works as a reminder. The daily schedule, meeting time, important notes etc that all we can do with sticky notes. Sticky notes is one of the best windows 7 features.


7: Sensor Support (Includes in the Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System)

You need to install drivers for your particular system if you want to get access to this type of features in windows 7. You can enable or disable it on your choice once you installed drivers. Check either any sensor installed on your Computer or not.

Go to start then Control panel then search in control panel “Sensor”

Open Location and Other Sensors, here you see the image. Sensors in Windows 7 makes a lot of sense in many aspects as it has great effect on features of Windows 7 Operating System.

Best Top 10 Features of Window 7 Operating System

8: Document Libraries (one of the features of windows 7 operating system)

In Windows 7, there are four default libraries that are, Music, Documents, Videos, Pictures. You can easily manage your files, folders, and personal data. It is categorized in such a way that you can maintain the videos, images, documentations folders separately.

9: Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft’s IE 8 is an important key factor for them because many users are going to the other browsers as well. Microsoft is increasing this features of windows 7 operating system in 2018 day by day.

Microsoft is updating the IE in windows 7 as the latest version of internet explorer is version 8. You can also check your version just open your IE.

1-Go to Start menu

2-Open Internet Explorer

3- Top right corner right click on the (?) icon.

4-Click on “About Internet Explorer”

Best Top 10 Features of Window 7


10: Show Desktop

When we talk about windows 7 Desktop, the first feature come in mind is “Theme”. Yes, the overall theme is an important factor because it attracts the users. Windows 7 provide several themes and updating it on daily basis and anyone can download thousand of themes freely(Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System). Good News is all the themes are freely available.

Features like: Gadgets include calendar, Clock, CPU Monitor, Weather, Headlines, Picture puzzle and much more. Gadgets are important for multiple types of users like the business, students and even children can play the puzzle game that is interesting. Therefore we have mentioned the Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System.

At last, What have we concluded?

Today, we have discussed about the Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System. Windows 7 have a lot of other features as well but these are an important feature and of course, everyone should know about these features. For regular users, these important features of Windows 7 for example gadgets, using digital TV snipping tool etc are interesting and helpful for the user in daily life. Let us know in the Comment if you know more about Best Top 10 Features of Windows 7 Operating System in 2018.

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