Top 5 Accessories for your GoPro camera

If you are looking to broaden the range of the type of videos you can shoot with your GoPro camera, you are bound to need some extra tools or gadgets that will help you take the shots that others cannot. Whether you want to make a really long time-lapse video or capture the activities of fish below the water surface, you need some specific set of tools. Here is a list of the top 5 Gopro Camera Solutions that you should have in your kit.

  • Weatherproof Enclosure: GoPro is meant to provide heavy-duty work, it is meant to make time lapses in the most extreme weather conditions. Be it the scorching sand of the Sahara or the frosty wind of Siberia, your GoPro will work perfectly fine with a weatherproof enclosure. It will prevent the camera from stopping working if the temperatures dip below the freezing point and at the same time will prevent the camera from melting under the desert sun. Be it a thunderstorm, sandstorm, lighting strike or a flood, your GoPro will capture the videos it’s meant to be perfectly fine.

  • Solar Upgrade Kit: When you want to make a time-lapse of longer than a few days or maybe even months, you need to charge your camera while simultaneously shooting; this charging too should be done without the slightest movement of the camera. This is only possible when you have a pre-installed kit where the camera keeps getting charged up at regular intervals. This is doable when you’re at home or somewhere with electricity., but the moment you step out of that bubble of 24-hour electricity provision, you need a power source that can charge your GoPro for weeks without encountering any problems. This is where you can use the sun to your advantage; get a solar kit with solar panels attached to your camera enclosure and enjoy seamless time-lapsing for weeks and even months.

  • GoPro Motion Detector: When you are making a time-lapse of human activity, such as a construction time-lapse, you will always want to record at the time when there is some activity or work going on. Obviously, you will only want to record what you need, and you will want to avoid the horrendous work of trimming a video that spans over days and even weeks. A motion detector installed along with your GoPro will detect when there is any movement in the frame and only start the video recording then. This will save the camera battery as it won’t have to record the full time, it will save your time as you will get a ready-made video that is already trimmed to the shots where there is something worth seeing and most importantly, it will save the data storage capacity of the camera; a camera can only record a particular length of video at a time because of its capacity limitation. With a motion detector, you will be able to record about 10X more than you normally do.