Top 5 Most Commonly Overlooked Office Essentials for Startups


If you’re running your own business, you probably already know just how important it is to have a comfortable and functional environment to work in. Besides getting the office design right, you also have to equip it with the right things for you and your employees to use. While some of the tools you need depend on the industry you’re in, there are also some items absolutely every business needs in its office. Listed below are the five most commonly overlooked office essentials for startups.


The best way to ensure you and your team get all your work done in time is to stay organized. While we all use apps on our phones to do this, there are some office supplies that are just irreplaceable. For example, even if your business relies on digital as much as possible, you still need folders to keep your printed documents organized. Color-code your filing system and dealing with paperwork will become a lot easier. Besides folders, you might also need a large trash can unless you want to have crumpled paper all over the office.

Smart thermostat

There’s no need to say we live in the age of technology, and every business needs a few gadgets and gizmos in its office. As the modern office is constantly evolving, it’s now common for business owners to invest in smart technology. Getting a smart thermostat for your office is a great idea as it allows you to control the temperature in the office even when no one’s there. Not only does this mean you’ll be using energy in the office more efficiently, but you’ll also be creating a more pleasant atmosphere for your staff members to work in.

Message books

Even though our everyday life is dominated by social media and online means of communication, professionals get so many phone calls every day and keeping track of them isn’t easy. You and your team members probably already have a number of tasks that have to be dealt with every day, and sitting next to the phone is impossible. This is why you need message notes that allow you to get back to the client or business partner as quickly as possible. Make sure you visit Winc if you decide to get message books for your office.

Coffee machine

According to experts at Forbes, taking breaks makes you more productive. During these breaks, employees usually want to have a meal or a cup of coffee. And since it’s important for employees to feel at home while in the office, it’s a good idea to provide them with catering supplies to use. This includes everything from paper dishes to plastic cups. But most importantly, you need a coffee machine your team members can use to recharge their batteries before getting back to work. The heart of a coffee machine is the actual coffee, so make sure you choose one that offers as many different options as possible.

Desk mats

No matter what kind of work your employees do, they need convenient surfaces on their desks. Even though this is the case, desk mats don’t get nearly as much attention as they deserve. These little things provide your employees with ultra slim and easy-to-write-on surfaces that make the entire office look smarter as well. As if that’s not enough, desk mats also create less chance for desk clutter, which is something many workers face while in the office. Most mats you can get are washable, so keeping them clean shouldn’t be tough.

Each of these things can help you and your team get your work done more efficiently and stay in the right mood while at the office. While they may not get all the attention they deserve, there’s no doubt they’ll play a big role in taking your operations to a new level.