Top 5 Richest Crypto Investors of 2021

Many millionaires have been made by buying Bitcoin early and repeatedly; those who really splurged have become billions. Here are the top richest crypto investors of 2021:-

#1. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

These twin brothers are valued at a net worth of US$3.0billion(S$4.1billion)each. A few years ago, the brothers held about 1% of all bitcoins in the world. The value of their cryptocurrencies is more than $1 billion today.

Cameron Howard Winklevoss founded Winklevoss Capital Management. They also founded the Gemini cryptocurrency. They are American cryptocurrency and Bitcoin investors and entrepreneurs. Additionally, they are Olympic rowers who participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics for the men’s pair row competition.

In 2012, the Winklevoss twins began purchasing bitcoin. During the first half of 2012, Bitcoin was trading for between US$0.50 and US$5. At the end of December, it was worth US$13.45. The benefits of early investment amounted to billions of dollars for the siblings. In addition, the twins have ether and other cryptocurrencies in their portfolios.

In 2015, the team founded Gemini and purchased Nifty Gateway, a digital art auction platform. These Former Olympic rowers famously sued Mark Zuckerberg, alleging that when he created Facebook, he stole their HavardConnection (now ConnectU) idea. The $65 million they had from the litigation was used to fund their later venture capital initiatives, which included BTC mining

#2. Michael Saylor

Micheal Saylor, one of the world’s wealthiest bitcoin billionaires in 2021. He was the CEO of MicroStrategy, a really well-known software company. He even appeared on the list of People’s magazine of Most Eligible Bachelors. With the totl net worth of US$2.3 billion, he is one of the wealthiest people.

However, his financial statements had to be reopened owing to improper accounting; the dot-com bust pushed his stock to plummet. MicroStrategy in December 2020 showed that it had 70,784 Bitcoins for $1.1 billion and contributed $650 million, enhancing the stock up more than 300 percent.

This made headlines for a long time since, in 2013, Saylor was skeptical of Bitcoins, believing that they would crash like online gambling. This perception was shattered when Microstrategy bought $245 million worth of Bitcoins in August and September of 2020. Additionally, Saylor alleges to have paid $175 million (roughly $650 million) for 17,732 Bitcoins.

#3. Matthew Roszak

Matthew Roszak, one of the world’s wealthiest cryptocurrency investors in 2021. He was an entrepreneur before starting to establish a crypto portfolio in 2012. Additionally, Roszak is now the co-founder of Bloq which is a blockchain technology startup based in Chicago.

Roszak has in the past co-led a movement to award each participant of Congress $50 in digital resources. However, all members of Congress did not agree. Bloq, a blockchain infrastructure business, is led by Roszak. In 2011, Mathew began his Bitcoin investment journey.

Around the same moment, the value of one Bitcoin reached parity US dollar’s rate. It quickly rose to a price of US$32. His holdings are now worth more than a billion dollars, thanks to his early-stage adoption.

#4. Tim Draper

Tim is one of the world’s wealthiest cryptocurrency investors in 2021. This managing partner of Draper Fisher Jurvetson and scion of a Silicon Valley investing family has created lots of venture capital firms.

Marshals obtained the Silk Road’s dead illicit market for $18.7 million. Today they are worth $1.1 billion. Tim Draper purchased $18.7 million worth of Bitcoins in 2014. Tim Draper has a net worth of US$1.5 billion.

Bitcoin had a fantastic year in 2014. It was in that year that Tim bought 29,656 bitcoins which had been detained through the US authorities. For the first time, the price rose from US$325 to US$853.

#5. Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong is one of the wealthiest crypto investors in the year 2021. During the recent crypto investment bubble, the fortunes of Coinbase’s CEO and co-founder have more than quadrupled. With daily deals of about $3 billion, Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Armstrong co-founded the platform in 2012 after consulting at Deloitte and Airbnb. Coinbase is the most successful cryptocurrency company in the United States, with earnings expected to exceed $1 billion by 2020.

Coinbase, which submitted a private IPO filing in December, is owned by Armstrong, who owns around 20% of the company. When Brian was asked by Forbes why he went into this sector, he responded by saying that he wanted the world to have open financial sectors which promoted creativity and independence.

The crypto ecosystem expands, the crypto market keeps on growing, and more people gain more money and receive more benefits. The list of the wealthiest crypto investors will then change from time to time.