Trends in Web Design 2020

Currently, several key trends in web design are already becoming popular with developers around the world. Some of them are a continuation of existing trends, others – mark the arrival of fundamentally new functionality.

But what expects us all in the next couple of years?

1. Combining photos with illustrations

A new visual aesthetic is in the trend – to combine photography with 2D illustrations by hand. Illustration elements are added to the photo, or they complement each other. The “mix of two realities” opens the way for creative and marketing ideas.

2. Patterns: from the substrate to interactive

Interesting patterns have not gone out of fashion. In addition to full-screen, the use of parts will be at the peak of popularity. Thus, designers set, where it is needed, accents or general atmosphere, add emotionality to the site.

3. Black and white creatives

Black and white designs are timeless classics. They are elegant and elegant, effective for eCommerce / creative resources. Expect fresh black and white solutions with negative space, large fonts, and line-art elements.

4. Giant fonts, oversized inscriptions, and minimalism

Giant fonts and large (but not oversized) inscriptions distinguish the design of 2020. Large typography with compact laconic titles will not cause chaos in minimalistic design or on mobile screens. Just try it with flyer mockup and you will see, that:

  • Chains the eye
  • Creates an interesting visual deformation.
  • Reinforces design with the conceptual message of “more determination”

5. Modern retro style

With the arrival of new web technologies and trends, creative designers begin to feel nostalgic for the past. In 2020 the strokes of “aged” design will be popular: weariness, black and white and grainy / shabby photos, muted retro shades and noisy / dusty textures. High-tech retro shades are a special charm.

6. Line Art: creative with a visual purity

Absolute hit in all areas of graphic design 2020. Conciseness of contour graphics and creativity of LineArt illustrations will make designs cleaner, more professional in appearance.

7. ART and Design: illustrative unity

Art-illustrating design is a hot trend in 2020. We expect creative fantasies, conceptual ideas and works of art – from pictures by pastel and watercolour to art nouveau and flat graphics with gradients. And also, memorable discrepancies / strange arts with a deliberate disproportion, characters without faces, etc.

Interaction between users and the website paves the way for mutual understanding, whatever their goals. This explains the interest in game design, explaining graphic clips and animated illustrations with multi-level interactive.

8. Three-dimensional graphics / 3D mouse effects

3D will soon become a real mainstream in graphic and web design. With other technologies, you won’t be able to achieve such depth and realism. In 2020 we expect new 3D designs – static, animated and interactive.

Motion is more exciting than ever. The goal of the interactive is to capture and hold the target audience. 3D modelers simply extend the method of “dragging” the visitor into the dialogue.