UK PPC Agency to Help You with New PPC Features



A PPC company will help your business drive more revenue, leads, and traffic pay per click advertising. They would use a variety of platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram to place your ads. There are other platforms that use PPC advertising, and an agency can help you to place them where they will do you the best.

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There are some new features that can be added to PPC ads nowadays and they can all help you in diverse ways. You can learn more about PPC and the new features that are available.

  • Response Search Ads – Since June 30, 2022, expanded text ads have gone away and to take its place is Response Search Ads that are more responsive to advertisers and customers alike. RSAs give the advertiser more control over their ads and gives them more visibility. Google can mix and match items that can get the right message to the right customer.
  • Video Ads – Within the last few months, Microsoft has added video ads to their arsenal. They are readily available throughout the world and allows advertisers to reach a broader market. They discovered that more people were watching videos on MSN and less on YouTube, so they added this feature. They also allow you to repurpose old videos to use in this new market. You can learn more about video ads here: This site will help you to learn all about them.
  • Audio – This is targeted to advertisers who want to advertise on YouTube and use just audio ads instead of video ads. They are targeted towards the people who listen to music on YouTube, but do not watch the videos. This type of ad can also be added to podcasts since they are mostly audio.
  • Tools for B2B and Small Business – Business to business (B2B) and small businesses needed more tools, and Facebook/Meta have come through for them. They have added messaging and conversation features and generation of leads and customer acquisition tools. These tools allow for quote requests on Instagram, lead filtering with Instant Forms, creative flexibility, gated content, and partner integrations.
  • AI Powered Ads – Instagram has some new ad formats that make the platform more advertiser friendly. One thing that they have added is multi-advertiser ads, taking existing ads and putting them in more places that will attract the attention of the customers that you are looking for. This type of ad placement is new to the platform and is unique to Instagram.
  • New Ad Placements on TikTok – This ad placement will go on the search engine in TikTok so advertisers can target the audience that will most benefit from their products. This has not completely rolled out yet, but it soon will be making TikTok another great place to add PPC ads. This is just another way to make both advertisers and customers happy and connect in yet another way.
  • WooCommerce Extension – Pinterest has had shoppable pins for a few years now, but they have added the WooCommerce extension. This extension allows you to add an entire catalog to the platform automatically without having to add them manually, saving you time and money. If you already use WooCommerce, this extension to Pinterest will be a lifesaver for you.
  • Enhanced Campaign Manager Interface – LinkedIn has added many new ad formats to its platform in the last few years. This new interface has left-side navigation that is similar to Google and Microsoft Ads. This allows for easier navigation that includes plan, advertise, test, analyze, assets, and account settings. This makes everything easier for the advertiser and the customer.
  • Dynamic Product and Collection Ads – Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for many reasons, but one reason should be their new advertising. This means more PPC choices for advertisers. They have added Dynamic Product Ads, or DPA, and Collection Ads which gives advertisers some choices. See here to learn more about DPAs. DPAs allow you to retarget the users based on their engagement or get prospects of new customers with product ads that are relevant to them. Collection Ads are also a new type that are forms of product ads that showcase product images that are scrollable and accompany a static image.
  • Expanded Ad Placement Inventory – Apple has announced that it will expand available ad placements in the Apple App Store. The new placements include an inventory for Today Tab ads and Product Page ad placements. This type of placement allows businesses to be discovered by potential clients instead of being focused on searching to find the right ad.


These are all ways for PPC ads to become more popular and more used by everyone. There are options for each of the major platforms and for just about every type of advertiser. There are new ways for the platforms that will be customer friendly and easier for advertisers to use. Some of these ads will be coming soon, and others are already readily available. There is so much more to learn about all these, so you will need to some research to find out more about them.