Ways to Improve Efficiency Around the Office


Daylights savings time can be a great way to get a new sense of motivation and efficiency installed around the office. The latest surveys are showing that the average American puts in around 44.4 hours at the office, but not all of these extra hours mean increased productivity. You don’t want to be a slave driver, but your employees should be accountable for their hours while on the clock. You could increase productivity by changing the office layout to be more efficient and use signage to clearly display each department. Simply Plastics offer some great prices on polycarbonate sheets which can be used for this. Here are some more subtle ways to increase efficiency without appearing like a demanding boss.

Realign Your Employee Output

Aligning the right employees for the right tasks will help maximize efficiency. A shy, introverted type with a propensity for structure and details is better suited for an accounting or data-oriented position than marketing or sales. Consider what you are asking of your employees, and honestly assess whether it is a fair expectation of their skills and behavioral style. You want a well-rounded team, but there will be clear strengths and weaknesses that you can use productively.

Re-assess Your Leadership

This action takes the finger and points it back at yourself. You can’t always blame a lack of efficiency on the office labor pool. Many managers are oblivious to how their leadership style affects productivity. Some managers are terrible at delegating, and just expect things to get done. Without clear communication channels, employees aren’t able to embrace your vision or see the same needs that you do. You also have to be aware of your response to employee initiative or task completion. Managers that criticize things first don’t tend to see a lot of engagement later. Don’t micromanage your employees to the point where they are afraid to make a decision, either good or bad. Don’t plague your people with reports and emails that could be saved for a weekly meeting. Your ability to effectively communicate can hamper their ability to get any work done.

Rely on Outside Help

There are times when your company may be better off working with a third-party for a certain service. There are many companies outsourcing their customer services departments or online presence in an effort to conserve resources while still giving consumers a professional, quality experience. You can do the same thing, especially when non-essential tasks are consuming precious time from your employees. With a company like Ninja Number, you can have business calls forwarded to your personal phone, freeing yourself or someone else from being tied to a desk waiting on calls. Any tasks that you can consolidate or potentially outsource leaves your team free to focus on high-priority projects.

Remember to Incentivize

Whether or not you want to admit it, a paycheck isn’t always enough incentive for an employee. If you want your employees to reach high goals or push past the status quo, you will probably need more than just a motivational speech. Some employees are intrinsically motivated to be the best version of themselves, while others need a little more prodding. You could create a company-wide incentive program or have smaller, departmental goals and corresponding incentives. You may have some employees that want a financial recognition of their hard work, while others would settle for being voted employee of the month. Do a little research to find out what the motivational needs are of the office and come up with a plan that addresses those.

Reach for Reality

Your employees are probably aware of the expectations for their position, and if you are going to create new goals, make sure they are realistic. Clearly define new goals for each department or employee, but also have actionable steps that can make that goal attainable. Don’t expect instant results and immediate response. Be patient with your team as they figure out the new culture you are creating, and together, you will reach new heights of productivity.