A Survey About “What is a beard” 2019

A Theory About “What is a beard”

Before starting the original definition of beard, we need to understand and go back in the history to know how beard was more critical for man? During the time of Egyptians, a beard was considered the sign of wealth. So, in some culture, it is a sign of prosperity, and in some culture, it appraises as bad fortune. So, let’s move forward on the actual content that what is a beard?

What is a beard? 

A beard is a facial hair that can change the look of a person. Facial hairs are usually on the chin and lower side of the cheeks. Whenever the person in a T-shirt, Jeans or other dress, facial hair which is generally known as beard change the body look of the person.

One of the effects of a beard is, With the beard, baby or person of young age looks older, and older man sometimes looks young by hiding the extra skin on the face. With the excess skin, a man usually looks old, so beard helps in hiding and give a younger look.

When you are with a beard, you’re going to send a signal of stronger being more aggressive maturity. With the growing beard, you will get a little bit more confidence to be able to be more assertive.

A Theory About “What is a beard”

How Beard Affects Those Around

According to research published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, beard men look more socially dominant and aggressive looking than clean-shaven man. Moreover, a man with beard show more feeling of masculinity than a man without a beard. So, Women usually gives more preferences for masculinity.

Beard enhance the attractiveness toward the woman, but in some studies, it shows that beard reduces the attractiveness.

If we talk about social, then the clean-shaven men look more passionate in teamwork and look more energetic in their work. Also, they seem more confident in their work.  This is how you can understand what is a beard for those who are around us.

 How a beard Affects You

In any organization, beard plays a vital role for you because your well-groomed beard will show you more trustworthy and mature in your work. You have to take care of our beard regularly before you go for office. If you go to the office with an unclean beard, then it shows you are not responsible. So, you have to take care of your beard every day. It will improve your personality and shows you more responsible as clean shave man look in an organization.

Women attract more toward beard men because they look more responsible, mature and smart. There are more chances that women talk and give you more preference.

How Beard Affects Employment While Looking For a Job

If you’re going in the conservative field like finance or you’re looking to become a lawyer, and you’re in a new city with a new firm nobody knows you and you show up with a beard. It means that you will send a signal of being a little bit unique. This isn’t a bad thing especially if you are well-groomed.

Again, cleanliness is more important either you have a long beard or short beard. What more important is, you have to look more clean and mature.

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Final Verdicts

We have discussed in detail about what is a beard and what are the advantages of beard for men. We concluded that with the beard you look more attractive and more responsible. Thus, in the end, I am completing here by defining again that beard is facial hair that usually grows on the chin and cheeks. If you want to share your thoughts on the beard. Do share, we highly appreciated.