What Is Cyber Hygiene and Why Is It Important?


In the year of a global pandemic, you might think you’ve already heard all the hygiene tips you would ever need. But have you heard of cyber hygiene? This might be an alien term to any cybersecurity novice, but it refers to the best practices and necessary steps that you should be taking to make sure your computer and any other online devices stay secure and healthy. It could range from keeping your storage space tidy and clear to protecting yourself from malware. Maintaining all aspects of your cyber hygiene is vital for making sure your devices keep running smoothly and you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to online theft or hackers. Let’s dive into some key ways you can protect yourself and your devices from cyberattacks or hazards


Don’t put all your digital eggs in one basket.

We all have a range of assets and information saved on our devices that we would be lost without. From important work documents to priceless memories saved in photographs over the years, we need to keep what’s on our hard drives safe. Using secure¬†photo backup devices¬†like ibi make sure all your digital memories are safe and secure. With 1TB of storage device for your household, you can gather images from your iPhone, iPad or tablet, laptop, Google Drive, iCloud photos, or any other external drive or memory card. Gather all your photos into one place with this smart backup solution. Not only will they be safe, but you will free up iCloud storage or external hard drive space, helping your devices to run smoother.


Educate yourself and your digital neighbors or colleagues.

Whatever you use technology and digital devices for the most, whether it’s business or pleasure, you need to be clued up on what hazards are out there before you can protect yourself from it. Cybersecurity risk often comes through the internet, so be sure you are getting your Wi-FI and internet access from reputable service providers. If you regularly use a cloud service, like iCloud Drive, Google Drive, or Google Photos, you should also be sure that your folders and iCloud storage are encrypted and password protected. Only you should have full access to your sensitive accounts and data. Be sure you are aware of what best practices you can put into action yourself, and if you can see any glaring knowledge gaps, then it’s time to either do more research or turn to a professional.


Know when you might need cybersecurity backup.

There comes a time when you might be facing cyber risks that need the attention of expert services. Scopedive.com can supply you with cybersecurity professionals who have gone through a rigorous vetting process, so you know they can be trusted. The Scopedive team checks that these cybersecurity professionals have all the experience and skills necessary to advise you and your business on how to stay safe online and against digital attacks. You can access the use of the service for free, paying only for the freelancer or consulting firm that you hire to assist you in cyber hygiene. It’s a great way to handle your cybersecurity needs as and when they come through. The only question in your mind needs to be finding the right expert for your needs. Expert services range from hacker protection to risk assessments. The Scopedive experts have global reputations and are equipped to help you make full use of the service. If you’ve hit a roadblock in your cyber hygiene, consider taking one of the Scopedive experts on board to plug any potential gaps in your cybersecurity net. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.