What You Get When Working with a 3M Preferred Converter

The converting industry is ultra-competitive hence the need for top companies to differentiate themselves. Being a certified 3M preferred converter is the best way to set yourself apart from other industry players. Read on to discover what it means to be 3M preferred and the benefits of working with companies that attain this accreditation.

What “3m Preferred” means

A company that claims to be a 3m preferred converter guarantees customers that:

  • They have access to the most recent leading adhesives in the market.
  • The firm has access to 3M laboratories and their engineers.
  • The firm can hire highly experienced engineers with expertise in handling complex projects.
  • The firm stocks and sells large quantities of 3M products.
  • The company invests in research of new technologies and maintains high standards of excellence.

By partnering with top-rated converters, 3M builds trust and loyalty with its partners, who in turn benefit from discounts and market-leading technologies from 3M.

What are the benefits of working with 3M preferred converters for consumers?

Access to industry-leading products and materials

Customers In the manufacturing industry are some of the most demanding. The sector is constantly changing to meet dynamic consumer needs. 3M preferred companies are actively involved in the research and development of new market products. 

As a result, such firms will have access to test products months before they are available to the public. Such firms can advise and prepare their clients for new releases much better than non-preferred convertors.

Discounts and competitive prices

Preferred converters stock large volumes of 3M products. These firms, in turn, enjoy discounted prices from 3M, which they pass on to their customers through unbeatable prices. Discounts and competitive prices ensure customers get more value for each purchase, a convenience they are unlikely to enjoy with other vendors.

Rapid response time for consumer requests

Delays in the manufacturing sector are costly to vendors, consumers, and the entire economy. Approved 3M converters understand the importance of rapid response time and are committed to maintaining high standards of excellence in consumer service. 

Such vendors have significant volumes of adhesives and other materials on hand so consumers can be sure there will be no delays on their orders. 3M partner firms execute all orders promptly to ensure clients get more work done.

Access to a team of world-class experts

Today, only a handful of companies have the recognition of preferred converter status by 3M. this accomplishment allows these companies to enjoy a greater level of involvement with 3M. 

An example of this involvement is the exclusive involvement in 3M’s training programs for new technologies. Skills acquired during these training are later on passed on to clients during project collaborations. 

The professionals will diagnose client challenges and suggest the most appropriate materials and adhesives no matter the request.

Secondly, companies with the preferred converter status recognition benefit from accessing 3M’s class-leading laboratory facilities. Here, participate in developing and refining products that go on to impact consumers positively. While at the laboratory, the convertors engineers directly engage 3M’s team of design engineers to deliver even on the most challenging assignments.

Knowledge of high-end products

The collaboration between 3M and its partners facilitates the free sharing of expertise and technologies in product development. Such partnerships often last for decades leading to an accumulation of exclusive knowledge in top-shelf products and materials not known to competing companies. This collaboration allows these partners to apply this knowledge and expertise to a consumer’s project to achieve fulfilling results.

The Confidence of working with industry leaders

The title of a preferred 3M converter is only awarded to firms with a good record of working with 3M. Less than a hundred companies can market themselves as being 3M accredited. These companies span many industries from health to supply chain and marketing. 

Such partnerships allow a convertor’s clients to directly engage and consult 3M’s engineers without going through rigorous processes. The endless pursuit of perfection allows 3M to put their faith in these converters.

Great benefits come to consumers who prefer to work with preferred 3M converters, from discounted prices to detailed knowledge of high-end products. More information on how consumers can benefit from working with select 3M converters can be gained with focused research both online and offline.