Why are gaming laptops so expensive

why are gaming laptops so expensive

Today’s World, everyone is looking for amazing laptops with maximum features. Gamers look into features of each laptop in a deep. So, it is in the mind of every gamer that they need cheap and more features laptop for gaming. If we talk about normal laptops and gaming laptops then we must say that gaming laptops performance is much higher and perform better tasks as compared to average performing laptops. Many people are confused that why are gaming laptops so expensive. It may include many laptops like, laptop for hacking, gaming, laptop for fusion 360 and more.  So, we will discuss 5 different reasons that make Gaming laptops expensive.

5 Reasons – Why are gaming laptops so expensive

Usually, gaming laptops have these amazing features: like RAM, Excellent Battery life, Performance, HD Display, Hard Drive, High Graphics Card, VRAM, powerful CPU.

1: Less Weight Gaming Laptops 

Gaming laptops are usually thin and have a low weight. Lightweight is one of these reasons that these laptops are a little expensive.

Cooling System and Performance of Gaming laptops are much higher and of course, these gaming laptops are only designed for cooling purposes. So that these laptops can provide better results for the long term.

2: Dedicated Graphics

Gaming Laptops are high end and have an ultra HD graphics card for Video gaming. As compared to normal laptops, normals laptops have integrated graphics card that is enough only for quality 4K Videos. But when we talk about gaming laptops, then we have in a mind of Radeon, Nvidia, and other High Graphics cards.

Gaming Laptops have Radeon, Nvidia, and other High Graphics cards

3: Comfortable Design – User-Friendly

Another reason why gaming laptops are so expensive is of beautiful design and look of the laptop. They are developed with maximum heat levels and super working fans. There are many vents are available for continuous flow of the air. It is useful in the case that your gaming laptop will never get heat difficulties.

why are gaming laptops so expensive

On the other hand, if we talk about keyword look, then keyboard buttons are set in such a way that for gamers, it is easy to move the finger to get each button for feedback. Gaming laptop’s keyboard has usually lights. Moreover, you can see that normal laptops are looking plain and don’t have a pretty look as you can see the gaming laptops.

4: Battery Power of Gaming Laptop

And yes, of course, battery power of the gaming laptops are much efficient and high as compared to normal laptops. Therefore, this is one of the reason, many gamers recommend to buy even expensive laptops because of high battery life.

Also, no doubt, high power gaming laptops are commonly furnished with bigger batteries to battle the additional power expending GPU. As well as, the double fan format in them. This will prompt a heavier PC contrasted with its non-gamer driven partner.

Gaming Laptop
  • High Graphics Card
    HD Display
  • High Performance
  • SSD
  • AMD Processor
Normal Laptops
  • Lack of Radeon like graphics card

5: Faster Other Features

If we talk about storage drive then gaming laptops have usually faster storage drives like a hard drive. RAID Configurations are the part of gaming laptops, therefore, the speed automatically increases. The recent gaming laptop has storage of M.2 NVMe SSD which was amazing as you can see in the features of Microsoft surface laptop.

If we talk about the HDDs, then these are much slower (and less expensive) than SSDs, numerous typical PCs utilize slower 5400 RPM HDDs as opposed to 7200 RPM ones. Gaming PCs frequently use quicker RAM which makes it more expensive. The run of the mill gaming workstation will utilize DDR4– 2400 (MHz) or quicker memory.

Final Verdict about Expensiveness of Gaming Laptop:

So we have discussed 5 different reasons why gaming laptops are so expensive. We reached the conclusion that these gaming laptops provide high performance and extra HD Display with other amazing features.

If you have more thoughts on this. Do share with us. We highly appreciated users feedback.

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