Why Is Printing Such a Mundane, Patience Testing Process?

If you have a job that requires you to use the printer at any point, the chances are, on at least more than one occasion the thing won’t do what you want it to do. Blasphemy probably passed your lips and, you may have even reverted to the ‘technically’ daft motion of, giving the machine a slap on the side, with the notion that, a quick slap will get the thing working again;

It’s not personal

Although it feels like it, at the time, your printer isn’t able to think for itself so, when it refuses to print or feed paper with no sign of any ‘stuck’ paper, step back and take a deep breath. It’s a machine, as such, it’s actually a very practical piece of equipment. There will be a reason why it’s doing, or not doing whatever it is that you need it to do, whilst that will mean absolutely nothing to you if the red mist has already started to descend upon you, think of your wallet.

No matter how cheesed off you might feel, with only 5 minutes until your presentation and a printer that has clearly chosen to defy you, it’s definitely not personal. Although, if you continue to feel that way then looking into managed printing services. If it were personal, then it would probably want to do something a little more drastic, like spluttering black ink all over your nice new white shirt or blouse. Now, that would be something to start questioning and, perhaps, take to heart.

Save your sanity

If you really want to save your sanity, then you could look to work with a firm that can do all of your printing for you, in fact, if you wanted, they could work on behalf of your entire company. If you have several printers sitting in various departments then they will most likely be costing a small fortune to keep running anyway, especially with the odd slap here and there.

Most people will agree that, standing there, in a queue waiting to use a machine that isn’t currently working for the first person in line makes the whole process of printing in house, a fad and a waste of money. Something that can actually change how a person’s day turns out, how productive they are, and what kind of mindset they are in. 

Save yourself some time and money

You may well learn that you are losing money hand over fist once a proper assessment is done, you’d have to take everything into consideration, including those that make the ‘most’ of the printer not working situation and, stand there having a chinwag for what can turn out to be hours wage each day, or more, per person! Outsourcing is always the best way to go about getting something done.

Even when the machine is working properly, you must have noticed that it tends to serve as a ‘social gathering’ focal point of most departments so, either way, working or not you should save time and money on a machine that not only takes up your valuable time and effort but also that of your employees. Why not, do yourself a massive favor and look into reducing the chance of any employees who are easily distracted, stay focused. Provide them with less to be distracted with.