Windows 7 is Insecure and dangerous to Install in 2017

Windows 7 lovers have a bad news about its security. Microsoft warns Windows 7 is insecure and dangerous to install. No doubt in past Microsoft had released a thousand of new features in Windows 7. Furthermore, Windows 7 has more Tips and Tricks for the lovers of Windows 7. After the Fiasco of Windows Vista, Windows 7 becomes the father of Windows series. Windows 7 was dominant for a long time.

On the other hand, Microsoft has a great focus on Windows 10 features in 2017. Windows 10 is more secure and has a face detection security. It is used mostly by Office users and for a business people. For example, if you forget about Windows 7 Password you don’t need to worry. You can easily recover it in a few minutes. But this is a not a case with Windows 10. It is not easy to recover Windows 10 password. In this way, Windows 7 is insecure and dangerous to install.

What reasons or Why Windows 7 is Insecure and dangerous to Install?

First, we recommend reading about which one is more secure Windows in 2017? Moreover, Windows 7 for business customers are too dangerous and insecure.  Windows 7 has a drawback about difficulties in update Windows 7. But still, you can update Your Windows 7. So we don’t say much to Install Windows 7 because Windows 7 is insecure and dangerous to install. Here are few major reasons about the insecurity of Windows 7:

  • Windows 7 has fewer security updates since 2016. Likewise,
  • Microsoft won’t end security updates for your Windows 7 PC until 2020
  • Very few features are coming for Windows 7.
  • It doesn’t work for all sensors to utilize in Windows 7.

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Should I Install or Migrate to Windows 10?

You get bored of continuous same features in Windows 7. You want something new on your Desktop with amazing new Wallpapers, New themes, Desktop etc, and then go for Windows 10. As we discussed Windows 7 security, it does not require any updates. Windows 7’s users wait for a long time for the updates. They want something amazing feature like to set up different wallpapers on Multiple Monitors and much more. Furthermore, these kinds of features are no more introducing in Windows7. Yes, it is a bad new so Windows 7 is insecure and dangerous to install.


Windows 7 is Insecure and dangerous to Install


Will Windows 7 end after few years?

Microsoft is working properly on Windows 10. A company is busy in making Windows 10 features, and themes. Windows 7 is still used by many users for its simple structure and its simple to use. It uses may be reduced with the passage of time.Let’s suppose Microsoft won’t end security updates or features for your Windows 7 PC until 2020. It will difficult to say that Microsoft will keep a constant competition in the series of Windows.




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