10 Reasons to Choose JAVA for Web Development

Java language was developed back in 1995. In these past 24years, it has gone through significant developments and has emerged as a foundation to many network applications in the present day. Even there are many Java development outsourcing companies that deliver secure solutions to software companies for a variety of industries.

Java has proved that it is highly functional for mobile applications, web scripting games, embedded systems and enterprise software. Simply put it is one of the best options for maintainable web development, enterprise and it is best for creating a cross-platform desktop application.

If you’re still in a dilemma of why to choose JAVA out of all other languages, here are reasons why you should choose it for web development.

Independent Platform

Java developers can write codes once and re-use them everywhere. It is highly portable and can be used on the multiple-platform applications. This platform-independent language will resolve all the worries of your business in case of a change in the operating system or hardware. They are even resolved from the cost and trouble of resolving the incompatibility of your current software written in Java. It can run on any platform such as Windows, UNIX etc. You can say one of the main reason why many choose java over other languages is that it is platform-independent.

Rich API

Java has a rich set of API’s. These API’s are freely available for Java developers around the world. Java API’s can be used for I/O, XML parsing, networking, utilities, database connection and much more. If anything is left it can be covered in open-source libraries such as Google Guava, Apache Commons, Jackson, Apache POI etc. Many Java developers and web development companies prefer Java because it has API’s that make developing a product or service easy.

Real-World Applications

Java is used in many real-world applications, which is why java developers around the world prefer using Java form web development. It is best for developing an enterprise web application. Java is used in industries such as healthcare, financial services and manufacturing. It is perfect for cloud development and other latest technologies such as loT, AI, Data mining, Smart devices, Application-based VR/AR and Games. Some of the popular websites that use java are Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

Open Source Libraries

Open Source Libraries ensure Java development and usage around the world. Many organisations such as Google, Apache have contributed great libraries. Because of these libraries, Java development has become easy, cost-effective and fast. Frameworks such as Spring, Maven, Struts ensures that Java development follows best practices of software craftsmanship. They even promote the usage of design patterns and see that Java perfectly assists Java developers in finishing their job.


Java’s inbuilt security features are the main reason why it is a go-to programming language for many web developers. Its features are extremely useful for web development. A developer can be worry-free as java is highly secured. Some of the features include advanced authentication, access control, cryptography etc. These highly secured features allow developers to use Java’s comprehensive API including digital signatures, cyphers, custom security policy, secure login mechanism etc.


Java is equipped with multi-threading capability. This capability allows applications written in Java to manage multiple threads or users at the same time. It makes it easy for developers, as they don’t have to create multiple copies of codes for the same hardware. They can simply create multiple threads in the software as per applications requirement. It provides users with multiple operations, faster responses, better performance with fewer issues.

Community Support

The biggest benefit of Java is, it has a huge community. This community interacts via groups, online forums, physical conferences, seminars etc. They help java developers around the world. In such communities, they share knowledge, support each other and enhance their technical skills. You can always look for help in such communities in case of necessity. Java promotes the trend of giving back to the community, many developers contribute and give back to the community.


Java has many excellent developer tools that make web development easy and increase your productivity. These tools help in code completion and debugging capability, which helps in real-world development. IDE (Integrated Development Environment) along with these tools makes Java faster, fluent and easier. IDE makes reading codes easy and many of these tools are open and free. Eclipse and NetBeans are most popular in IDE space to develop a Java application. Not only these, but there are many other plugins and open source tools that make programming and testing easy.

Object-Oriented Programming Language

For Web development Object Oriented Programming Language feature is extremely desirable, Coding and managing an OOP application is easy. It keeps system scalable, flexible and modular. Any object created using Java can be reused, which lowers the cost of development. One of the main reasons behind Java’s popularity is because of its usage of OOPL. You just need you to have basic knowledge of OOPS concepts such as Abstraction, Polymorphism, Encapsulation and Inheritance, you can use all of these with Java.


Softwares or applications built using Java can handle the heavy load of work easily. It can be either large data sets, higher request rates and much more. Java can adapt itself easily to the needs of the web application and allows the developer to scale both horizontally and vertically as per the client or customer requirements. To improve the performance or response time of your application you simply have to add simple and minimal codes. For all these reasons Java is more scalable compared to other languages.

Final Thoughts

Java is the most popular programming language in the world and will continue to be in the future too. There are many other benefits of Java. It is open-source which allows developers to develop many applications without spending too much money and increase your productivity too. It can easily handle a huge amount of work with ease and its open-source and free development tools which make developing easy. Many prominent websites around the world are using Java to develop their enterprise applications. Java will continue to dominate the world of web applications in future too.