10 SEO Tools Retailers Can Use to Drive More Online

10 SEO Tools Retailers Can Use to Drive More Online

10 SEO Tools Retailers Can Use to Drive More Online 

If you are a small business owner, competing on the digital platform is no mean feat. Even though creating the website is manageable, there is a need to get your site out there. If you want to achieve maximum visibility, its advisable to borrow the immense power of SEO with SEO Tools Retailers, you have the power to get more traffic and better ranking of SERP.

Your prospects are looking for you via search engines if you are not ranked among the top players in your niche; your venture is likely to wallow in oblivion. With the best SEO tools including Rank tracker pro to drive traffic, your sales and revenue will go up. Here are 10 tools you can use to drive traffic to your online retail site.

  1. Majestic

This is the tool that tells you whether other sites are linking with your venture. It does more than identifying other site links since it helps you assess the quality of links, the anchor text used and the backlinking history. You can use this tool to see how other sites are directing traffic to you. If you have an idea of how your traffic found you and their source, you can meet their needs by supplying goods and content that fulfills their needs.

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2. Buzzsumo (SEO Tools Retailers)

Buzzsumo tool tells you how your content is doing on social media. You can see the shares you have on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The links from social media don’t have a big impact, but they will help lead chunks of traffic to your site. It’s good for SEO purposes.

3. Seo Juice

This tool tells you how your site is performing based on domain authority score. It will tell you how well your website is doing compared to the rest. You can use the domain authority score that your competitor has achieved and worked towards improving it.

4. Ahrefs

This tool comes as an a complete suite of SEO tools. The backlink profiler lets you see the pages that have been shared most on social media. You can use it to discover the pages that have the best performance in organic search.

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  1. Keyword Tool

This tool helps you to discover search opportunities and volume and related keywords. It helps you identify specific keyword phrases on different search engines. It’s a flexible tool that can be used according to particular site needs.

6. Quantcast

If you don’t have a clear understanding of your target customer/audience, this tool will help you avoid driving low quality leads to your site. You can get a feel for your market such that you are able to plan. Quantcast lets you know the kind of audience that frequents a given site.

7. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools tell you how your site is performing. You get to know your page load time, identify broken links and compare your click-through rates for keywords. Use the tool to determine how best to optimize title and description tags.

8. Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker is a bulk keyword tracker that helps predict the keywords that present the best results. It comes off as the most customizable ranking tool. You can track locally or internationally on any search engine whenever you want. You can use the rank tracker to discover keywords and prioritize them accordingly. With this tool, you can track keyword efficiency and weigh keyword difficulty

  1. SEO Spider Tool

This tool plays the role of a crawler. It helps you discern critical URL data according to your search parameters. The free version can help you crawl 500 pages. Use this tool to discover pages that have duplicate tags and where you need to affix tags that guide crawlers that find the content of your pages.

10. SEO Spyglass

If you want to find out what your competitors are doing with their backlinks, this tool helps you get insights on the same. If a competitor’s site has a top rank, you can use this tool to mimic their backlink profile and move up the ranks. SEO Spyglass gives you more than the backlink profile, you can see a competitors page rank for every backlink. Use SEO Tools Retailers data to build your profile and upstage your competitors.