3 Ways to Regain Your Digital Freedom Online


In today’s world, virtual life is as necessary as our real life. We share our opinions, do essential transactions, and connect with the world via our virtual existence. This one sentence is enough to help us realize the essence of being digital today. One cannot express, react, or live fully- it is like that your virtual self is your better half. However, while communicating and expressing over the Internet, how free are you?

A good number of countries use Internet censorship against citizens.Moreover, when you get over that, there are data-hungry giants at every point. Some companies collect people’s data and online information- clearly invading our rights and privacy. Yet, it is not all hopeless. If we take care of certain things, we can regainour digital freedom. Here are some ways to ensure the same.

Use a VPN

As we said that many nations are very strict when it comes to Internet censorship, there needs to be a way out. Facebook is not available in China, and Dubai has blocked Skype. If you do not belong to these places, why would you care? But what if you are travelling to China or Dubai? VPN is the answer. The uses of a VPN include access to all these sites.Even when you are going to a country thatblocks these sites and bypass geo-censorship, it is the best way to ensure privacy without doing anything illegal.

Use DuckDuckGo

Majority of search engines track your every moment you spend there. Some of them even trade it with the companies. You get ads and marketing emails even from the sites you didn’t subscribe to. DuckDuckGo can save you here- it is a completely anonymous search engine. It covers your browsing history by redirecting your clicks. Other sites won’t know what search term did you use to find it. The search engine uses encryption as an additional layer of security and displays an encrypted version of the website in search results.

Use Telegram Messenger

Online messaging apps are widely popular. They offer convenient communication; but are these apps secure? Time and again, there have been security concerns and data leak issues with them. Our suggestion would be to use Telegram. There are tonnes of secure chats option available in that messaging app. For the same reason, it is becoming a favourite of people who are aware of their privacy rights.

Therefore, the Internet is a beautiful space if we are a bit more cautious about our privacy. Everyone should have their share of privacy while browsing online. Digital freedom is as mandatory as any other civil right now. Given that we cannot imagine a life without being online, it is in our best to ensure that we do not allow others to hinder our safety and security. We hope that by following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to protect your privacy, regain digital freedom and make the most of the Internet.

Happy Browsing!