5 Ways to Track Your Orders

track your order

The last thing you want after ordering something urgently is it arriving late. Imagine the jewellery you ordered for your sister’s wedding, which is in four days, but it eventually arrives after a week, and it is of no use by then. Thankfully, businesses these days have delivery management for offices installed, which has increased the efficiency of the delivery system. In case your order is running late, it is really important to track its progress.

Now, this can be of two ways. Firstly, online orders and secondly the ones you have placed on call or via websites like UberEats. Usually, the major classification between the two takes into account the time frame of both the orders. Clothes, accessories, shoes, appliances, etc. take a considerable amount of time and even a couple of weeks in some cases to arrive.

Food and snacks, on the other hand, take a minimal amount of time, an hour in extreme cases to arrive. While the time frame can differ, it is important for you to be certain about both types of orders as you can keep a check on both of them. We are going to tell you below some of the ways to be 100% sure:

  • Use their online portal or status page

In most cases nowadays, popular websites and even some private ones have this built-in feature. In the case of food and snacks, it will tell you details such as has your order been made, has the rider picked it up, etc. In the case of durables, it will tell you details such as awaiting payment, shipping to address, etc. By far, we classify this method as the simplest and easiest one to just know the update of your order, if there is one, in a couple of minutes. In some status pages, you even get the chance to message a representative online who can answer specific questions instantly.

  • Call them on their customer helpline

Let’s say the company’s online portal has crashed. What do you do? It is simple, search their customer helpline number and ring them up. They may require your order number and your full name so remember to keep those details always comes in handy. In festival periods, you may expect longer than usual waiting times, so it is better if you are mentally prepared for that. Sometimes your order could come from an international source so you may experience international call charges. No matter you interact with the local or international representatives of the company, always make sure to show respect to the individual. Your nice attitude can not only make the process smooth but also motivate the official on the phone to personally make the efforts to speed things up. After all, you only want your ordered product to be delivered on time.

  • E-mail

Now let’s say the company’s online portal has crashed and no one is picking up the call. What do you do now? Do not worry, we got your back. Simply look up their e-mail and write your concern as concisely as possible. Usually, companies take two business days to respond to e-mails, so you have to be patient enough. However, in the case of your food order, e-mailing them is not a good idea as it takes a considerable time to be responded and you do not have that much time.

Hence, this process is to be used when you order durables. When you decide to compose an e-mail, always keep in mind that you focus on the main issue. You should also make sure that you have all the relevant information regarding your ordered products available with you. If you do not have the relevant product information, you would not be able to communicate efficiently. When you mention the order ID, its order date, and the delivery address, the company’s representative would be in the best position to help you out.

  • Call the rider or shipment company

You know that the order is dispatched by the production company but not yet delivered by the shipping company or the delivery guy. In this case, it is better to call the respected person who is either the shipping company or the delivery guy and ask the details of your order from him as he can then answer your questions more perfectly. There is no use in bothering the production company about the delay in the delivery of your requested product. Always make sure to contact the right officials through the right channels to expedite the delivery process.

  • Visit the outlet

Dang! This should be your last resort in all cases. When the tracking website is dysfunctional, both the organization and the rider are not picking up their phones, and your e-mails have not been responded to in a week, now is the time when you just take your car and drive to the company to see if they are still open for business. In some extreme cases, they might have some technical emergencies which could possibly be delaying your order, or they are just lazy with everything. In the latter case, you have the right to lose your nerves and be angry or file a complaint against them so that other customers do not have a similar experience to yours.

The emergence of digital shopping has made it absolutely convenient to purchase your favourite products online without having to drive all the way down to the mall. Now you can make the purchase from your tablet or smartphone and get it delivered within a couple of working days.

Thankfully, consumers enjoy rights in countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many others. You, as a consumer, always enjoy the right to sue the company if it has failed to deliver the product in time or if it has sent you the damaged product or even if it is not the product you had ordered. In this case, you must keep all the relevant information safe with you, so that you can provide them to the authorities, if and when needed.

The Final Thoughts

Using one or all of these five methods listed above, the level of your certainty about what and when you have ordered can be the highest. In some cases, you have to be a bit more understanding of the other person if there is a serious issue on the organization’s side. You have to keep yourself calm and have some patience. In the other, you have the right to ask about what you order so you should just be confident as a customer and go ahead with your query.