6 Steps to improve your website’s SEO performance


When someone searches for a keyword or phrase on Google, 71% people click through on the first page of Google search. This explains the importance of making sure that you rank highly in search engines to give your website the best chance. Putting in a conscious effort to focus on boosting your SEO strategy can potentially give a much required boom to your website. 

Here are 6 steps that can improve your website’s SEO performance – 

  1. Focus on publishing relevant and high quality content

Our mind is a fickle foe and can move on pretty easily to the next thing. To make sure you stay on top of the competition, it is important to publish quality content regularly.  Google has reported 3234 changes to its search engine algorithm since its inception with the focus shifting towards quality over quantity.

To increase traffic to your website, give the visitor a reason to return. Content created specifically for niche audiences increases the site’s authority and relevance. Focus on increasing “dwell time” – amount of time spent on a website – by posting fresh and useful information regularly to keep the audience hooked.

  1. Improve page loading speed

A one-second delay in load times can impact conversion rates by up to 20%. With the digital landscape becoming extremely competitive, this percentage can demarcate as a make or break factor, especially for a small business. 

Even if you have great content, no-one will be able to see it if the website is too slow. The abandonment rate will increase and people move on to a competitor’s website rather than hanging around,waiting for it to finish loading.

  1. Start guest-blogging

Guest Posting or Blogging is one of the most popular trends in the ever growing market of SEO. It is exactly what it sounds like – publishing original and meaningful content on someone else’s website as a guest blogger. This is considered the best inbound marketing strategy by building long lasting relationships with consumers who want to hear more from an expert.

This contribution to a reputable website helps establish credibility for up-and-coming brands and builds trust in their authenticity.

  1. Focus on image optimization

Images are a great tool to increase a website’s visibility factor and are catchy at the same time. They remove the focus from long and boring written content which drone on and on. But these need to be used cautiously. 

If images are not properly optimized, it can affect the page loading time as some pictures are humongous. Try making sure that all the images on your website are resized and compressed but still add value to the content.

  1. Invest in Organic SEO building

You can try doing everything on your own but it doesn’t hurt to take advice from a well seasoned professional. Rather than waste money on paid SEO promotion, focus on websites which provide organic SEO and link building services like ViralChilly. Having their tools at your disposal may increase your panache in the SEO market.

These trustworthy and authoritative websites can be the right call and just the tool you were looking for in improving your website’s SEO performance.

  1. Add outbound links

New visitors on your website will always be looking for trustworthy information and the best way to do that is to use outbound links. These links redirect the reader to verified and authoritative source materials that boost the credibility of your claims. This gives the reader a backing that you are not just making things up as you go along but have invested time in your research. 

Like in the example, these links can state verified numbers or quote published information. When a user wants to buy a service or a product from you, these outbound links give them assurance you are capable of producing the promised results in your website’s claims. They are extremely easy and time efficient to use as an added bonus.

The SEO market is growing in this millenia and is showing any signs of fading down. With the focus on the right steps for your website, you stand to gain a lot with excellent returns on the amount of time and effort you have put in the process. The mentioned steps will help you gain the edge over similar websites and help rank better while building better engagement with your customers.