7 ways technology is helping businesses recruit top talent

A successful and profitable business needs good employees in order to make it in competitive industries. Recruiting top talent for your company becomes thus a priority. Regardless if you are searching for a skilled developer, a salesperson, an in-house accountant or any other professional, you should be certain of your final choice.

Since so many technology upgrades have made their way into the business world, hiring processes have been perfected as well. You have available a wide variety of useful digital resources that allow you to find top talent for your company in a more reliable, and less stressful manner.

How exactly can technology help you in this department? How will you improve your recruitment approach with digital tools? Here are some of the main factors to be aware of on the topic:

Writing better job descriptions

The key to attracting the best candidates is posting an appealing job description. This is the first step in a successful recruitment process. Depending on how you handle things here, you could persuade job-seekers to actually apply for the position you have available. It doesn’t matter how many people see your job vacancy ad, but how many of them actually click-through.

You have a wide variety of tools available which can improve your job listing. Some software products, for example, can analyze other job listings posted online, and can provide you with performance data on your own description, as well as suggestions on how to improve it. Choosing your words carefully can truly have an impact on the number of job-hunters who actually show an interest in your company.

Effective background checks

One of the main concerns recruiters used to have in the past was hiring someone who was not exactly transparent in regards to professional experience or other details relevant to their recruitment. Doing an extensive background check involved more effort and time than employers actually had on their hands. Nowadays, you can find out every single detail about one applicant or another if you rely on useful technological tools. You have platforms and apps that allow you to insert minimal info, such as full name and address, and will display a wide range of data on the said person. A free background check done by the book thanks to advanced digital tools will provide you with the insights you need to decide whether a candidate should be called in for an interview or not.

Professional networking – social recruiting

Social recruiting has become a popular trend in recent years. Companies are working with social media channels to ensure an effective professional networking approach. Sites, such as LinkdIn, give your company the opportunity to reach qualified candidates on a national or even international level. Professional networking platforms have facilitated a more convenient and reliable approach to recruitment, and if you haven’t used the available possibilities yet, it’s certainly time to do so.

Through social recruiting, you can get in contact with a qualified candidate in a matter of minutes, you can obtain referrals from past employers, and you can find the ideal candidate yourself, instead of waiting for them to find you. Today’s digitalization has certainly provided impressive support to recruitment agencies and businesses alike.

Tracking candidates and their hiring process

After a candidate applies for the vacancy you have available and until they are actually hired, they need to go through a hiring process that might consist of several steps. Tracking each candidate, and knowing where they are in the hiring process can be quite helpful. You’ll come across digital tools that incorporate superior analytics capabilities, and permit you to have a visual representation of each candidate’s data. With applicant tracking system and CRM features, your responsibilities will be simplified and you can stay on top of each hiring process more effectively. With this type of software product at your disposal, all of your reports will be stored in a single place.

Assessing company culture compatibility

As experienced and skilled as a candidate might be, they will not become a valuable member of your team if they are incompatible with your company’s culture. A great hiring approach is more than just finding people who’ve got the qualifications you need. Your new employees should be able to fit in with the rest of the team for maximum work productivity to be achieved. At a pre-interview stage, you should be using tools that can help you assess this particular factor more accurately. Some recruitment tools include employee surveys, helping you measure how your team likes to work and comparing the results with the ones of a said candidate. A great example here is ThriveMap. You’ll get data on their working style, team fit percentages, team interactions and many more.

Better communication channels

Seamless commutation can be an essential part of a successful recruitment process. Having a mobile app for your company can actually be helpful here. Here you can include recruitment forms and other resources accessible to candidates, and it will be easier for your business to keep all hiring data on one channel. Throughout the entire process, being mobile will ensure top-notch communication.

Time-management improvements with video interviews

With video interviewing, you can save more time, and arrange one-on-one sessions only with promising candidates. In the digital era, video interviews have become quite common. Moreover, software tools have been developed that allow recruiters to prerecord questions and responses, for an even more time-effective way of reviewing applicants.

Technology advancements have certainly changed the way enterprises are handling a wide variety of processes. Recruitment has naturally been impacted as well, and nowadays, employees have easier and better access to top-talent, with less effort and resources used. If you were thinking about upgrading your practices in the recruitment department as well, being aware of how technology can help you will allow you to reach your needed conclusions. As you can see, there are multiple ways in which tech can positively influence business hiring, as long as you access the right tools here.