9 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Firm is Preferred Over Traditional Marketing

Traditional firm set-ups are physical establishments offering walk-in services and goods to customers but are only convenient for customers living around the area. Nevertheless, given the technological advancements, business leaders are coming up with more profitable and creative ways of earning. This is where a digital marketing firm comes in.

So, what is a digital marketing firm? A digital marketing firm is an online company or platform that offers a worldwide service and products to customers through online promotion. It assists business owners and influencers in reaching potential customers from different countries. 

Although traditional firms offer successful testimonies, the digital world has already started to rule the business industry raking billions compared to the traditional firms. According to statistics, business owners who can wisely wield technological innovations have successfully expanded their territories apart from the increasing profit pouring into their pockets. 

This was made possible due to the broader range of customers and more ingenious ways of advertising their products using the digital world, disrupting traditional marketing. With the help of a digital asset management system, companies can store their marketing materials in one place and access them whenever they’re needed. Apart from saving on several related expenses, this system makes it easier for marketing firms to reach prospective customers within a short period.

Still not sure whether to invest in digital marketing? Here are the top reasons why it is preferred over traditional marketing:

1. Costing and Affordability

For a long time, traditional firms have ruled the business industry but with the downside of paying expensive tax and office rents that tend to be bigger than profit. As such, these enterprises found it difficult to generate enough revenue to match their potential. To make reasonable profits, these firms need to find a strategic location where they’ll not only be able to meet with many clients but also minimize costs in terms of rent and taxes. Unfortunately, very few of them are operating in such ideal situations.

For these reasons, many entrepreneurs are opting for digital solutions that can be operated from anywhere and without having to pay monthly rents. In the long run, business owners tend to save more, which is crucial in any business growth. Lastly, it saves business owners the time and money from renewing their business permits required to operate by the government. 

 Another advantage of digital firms is the reduced if not eliminated cost of printing materials used for advertisements. Instead, they create SEO content, video ads, emails, and other types of techy advertising compared to traditional set-ups where they would need to pay extra fees to put ads on newspapers and others.

This is one of the top things you should consider when putting up a business. 

2. Access to Wider Audience and Improved Brand Awareness

The internet has made the world seem like a global village. Today, it’s very easy to communicate with people from other parts of the world regardless of their time zones. All it takes to get one’s message across is a click of a button. This efficiency and convenience are made digital marketing the modern go-to strategy.

Contemporarily speaking, almost everyone worldwide is tech-savvy, which provides them the opportunity to access goods from the different parts of the world, a significant advantage to business owners, might I add. 

Internet sites such as Social Media Websites, Facebook, Email, Twitter, and YouTube have become vital tools for digital companies. It helps them promote their brand and increase consumer connections reaching potential clients and customers worldwide for only a tiny investment. 

3. Competitive Visibility for Competitive Business

Almost all business tycoons are using the online platform to promote their services, goods, and brands, and if you want to keep up with them, you have to use competitive tactics using digital marketing. 

You may have a big corporation and years of business experience, but if you are not tech-savvy or unaware of the benefits of digital marketing, a teenager starting a small business like yours might get ahead of you to take advantage of digital marketing. Make your brand known by creating ad videos, emails, blogs, websites, and the like. 

Apart from utilizing the different digital channels to promote your business and make your brand known, try inviting influencers to promote your brand. Influencer has become digital marketing assets for successfully promoting brands and products, compelling more audiences to buy items and avail services. 

4. Availability and Accessibility of Products

Since goods are available 24/7, people can access the goods anytime and anywhere without going out from their offices or houses, which is very convenient during emergencies such as the Covid19 lockdowns. It provides a more straightforward transaction with payments sent through debit cards, credit cards, cash on delivery, and other online payment methods. 

This is why customers love online transactions, which poses a great advantage for your business. With the right advertising campaigns, your business will receive more orders, so be sure to be engaging in answering queries, feedback, and responses. 

Although traditional marketing is more preferred and trusted given the physical verification for item quality, the digital companies came up with new strategies to gain their trust. To create reliable and safe online transactions between business owners and their customers, digital business firms incorporated the exchange and return policy, making buyers more complacent in ordering their favorite items online. 

Also, the video advertising method has become popular leading traffic to the websites for further inspection of the item. It showcases an item thoroughly, assuring the customer’s satisfaction.  

5. Tracking Ad Campaign’s Success and Failure Made Easier

As a business owner, you must track your strategies’ success or failure to propagate and weigh their effectiveness and efficiency. With digital firms using digital analytic tools and software, you can save time and money to identify and test different data, campaigns, and strategies that give the best results. 

You can launch advertisements and can also remove them anytime without having to spend a penny. This is where traditional marketing loses. It uses costly newspaper and billboard advertisements with the risk of not being seen and the downside of costly changing it. 

You hand out pamphlets and magazines, but how many people would read it? The worst-case scenario is they end up in the trash. Gone is your money spent on visuals, graphics, and printing, not to mention your time and effort. You’ve been warned, so better invest in digital marketing now.

6. Employees Can Work at Home

With a traditional marketing firm, your employees would need to go out even under the pouring rain to hand out pamphlets or finish their advertising campaigns that usually end up with overworked and unhappy employees. Worst-case scenario, the campaign was a failure. 

Working in a digital company is a different story. Working at home is a convenient, if not a perfect, work set-up for digital firm employees, especially for those employed from across the globe, caring for a sick family member, parent/s with no babysitter, and during emergencies such as typhoons and the like. 

It also saves them the trouble of getting stuck in traffic, getting late, lunch expenses, and spending fare or gasoline on getting to the office. Utilizing online platforms, you can use online meeting platforms such as Zoom to discuss with your employees. 

Your employees can work anytime and anywhere they like making them more productive, efficient, and appreciative of their work and bosses. Once you hire the right people and have an excellent employer-employee relationship, a work-at-home setting will not pose significant problems. 

7. Builds Growth Opportunities for Employees

To keep up with the complex transitioning of digital marketing innovations, upgrading the skills and training of your employees is a must for them to adjust and learn quickly. This is important if you want consistent, compelling content on your business or website.

Whether you started as a digital company or a traditional firm shifting to the digital marketing trend, this promotes an opportunity for your employees to learn more about the different types of digital advertising strategies. 

Everybody is into digital marketing, competing for ranks and products. Hence, it challenges you and your team to develop a unique and effective marketing edge while allowing your employees to discover their potentials giving room for improvements. 

8. Tracks Potential Customers Online

Using lead generation and SEO, you will find potential customers online being led to your website through your ads. You will also be able to record how many people are viewing your ads or website and eventually ordering from you. The best part is you can learn about the following:

  • specific age group 
  • Gender 
  • Geographic location
  • Interests
  • How many times your website is viewed

This allows you to develop effective ways of promoting services and businesses to them according to their interests. Once you earn their trust, they might become your regular customers and readers.   

9. Ensures Business Survival and Continuous Profit

Nobody knows how and when the market will crash. Such events might include our current standing during this Covid19 pandemic to which traditional marketing companies have been immensely at a loss given the lockdowns that limited business establishments from operating. 

This drained this business industry’s pockets while opening up to the digital world, providing more significant opportunities for business owners and influencers to rely on digital marketing firms as everybody started online transactions for their essentials. 

Although the market crashed and the people became jobless, digital companies remained in operations. Business owners and influencers have not ceased earning, considering their advertising videos, websites, blogs were still operating on the social media platforms. 

Now that you’ve learned the difference between traditional marketing companies and digital marketing firms, along with the benefits of digital marketing, better get a move on and start now!