5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change a Human Life

impact of artificial intelligence in everyday life

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence will change a human life:

First comes to our mind when we hear artificial intelligence is that robots. But the main thing is what it means. So let me tell you in simple words. In this article, we will discuss in detail about how Artificial Intelligence Will Change a Human Life.

Artificial Intelligence is not only about the Robots, it’s about changing the World using AI. We have seen from few days analysis on Artificial Intelligence that Programmers who are working on different algorithms want to take a work from robots. The same work as people do will do by the robots.

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What is artificial intelligence?

The ability of a machine to learn and think is artificial intelligence. The machine learns from us the way we interact with the machine and then it suggests other things on the basis of our decisions. Let me give you an example which is familiar to you. Cortana is one of the daily used AI agents. These AI machines can think and act like humans.

5 Examples of Artificial Intelligence you’re using in Daily Life:

  • Cortana
  • Video Games
  • Shopping Prediction
  • Fraud Detection
  • Customer Support
  • AI-based Chat
  • New Generation
  • Security Surveillance
  • Smart Devices
  • A recommendation in Daily Life

That’s a more of an introduction let move forward to the main topic that in which ways artificial intelligence will change human life.

How Artificial Intelligence will change a human life:

Artificial intelligence (AI) was first only based on fiction movies but as the technology is growing rapidly the development in the field is fast.  An Artificial Intelligence will change a human life by replacing human and doing all the tasks and there will be privacy issues also.

Artificial intelligence future applications

Automated Cars:

Google has tried the concept of self-automated cars which will change human life. At the moment cars are not fully automated but need a driver for safety purposes. But Artificial intelligence (AI) will soon start automated buses and trains.

We just have to sit in the car and reach the destination. This invention will raise a question in people’s mind how their safety is tested. The jobs of drives will be at stake as the self-automated cars will replace the drives.

Climate Changing:

The ability of a robot is far more than that of a person. The handling of huge data is always a problem for human beings. The speed of the machine is more than human for complex problems. AI and big data can solve more complex problems in few minutes in future.

Medical Queries(Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life):

As we all have different medical situations but nowadays we don’t call or go to doctor we just query our issue on Google and find the best response. But sometimes we find a contradiction in views and we might get the wrong diagnosis for it. The way AI can change that problem is a piece of cake. AI can suggest you medicine on basis of your problem. Questions will be asked and then according to that the medicine will be suggested.

Virtual Assistant:

The virtual assistant Google is providing an easy way of how we do our daily routine tasks. You can all schedule your work using these assistants and can rely on them. They will let you when is your meeting. After that your need for an assistant to be your employee you just need to give them control they will read your emails and reply to them and can inform you if it’s urgent. The AI will also play your videos and music for you

News Anchor (how has artificial intelligence changed the world):

The new era will replace the jobs of news anchor and news writers. The news and climate prediction will be fast and no need for human beings. The performance and speed of news channels will be improved. There is no need to listen for different channels according to your language. But your AI assistant will translate and can play channels of your choice.

Dangerous Jobs:

There is a problem with AI agents as robots which can’t do some stuff at this moment. Like handling toxic substances, diffusing bombs and they can’t work in the intense heat. The robots are currently controlled by human beings and when robots will be automated they will have more issues. There will be safety measures to assure that no one is hurt and all things go well.

In the Long Run, What have we Concluded about 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change a Human Life

In this, we reach the conclusion that robots will do the work base on medical and they will solve human patient problems. As well as a virtual assistant will also work based on Artificial intelligence.