Brief Overview of Microsoft 98-365 Exam and Useful Tips & Tricks to Pass It

Microsoft 98-365 is an entry-level exam designed for the candidates with a minimal practical experience in the field of IT. There are many people who desire to pursue a career in the field of technology. However, because of the lack of foundational skills and knowledge required, they are unable to take up any job role of their choice. The Microsoft test offers one the opportunity to earn the Microsoft Technology Associate certification, which positions them to land a good job in the industry. In other words, MTA is the first step towards actualizing your dream career in the Information Technology sphere.

The Microsoft MTA 98-365 Practice Test  (Windows Server Administration Fundamentals) evaluates the candidate’s basic understanding of server roles, server installation, server performance management, Active Directory, server maintenance and storage. The test is available in English, French, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish (Latin America), Russian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Korean. The students taking the test are required to pay the sum of $127 as the exam fee. You can register for this test through Certiport (if you are still at school or you are an instructor) or Pearson VUE (if you are out of school).

Microsoft 98-365: Exam Details

The Microsoft 98-365 test consists of about 30-50 questions. The candidates should be aware that Microsoft does not disclose information on the specific number of questions in their exams and it may change without any notice. However, you should prepare to answer between thirty and fifty questions in your test. It consists of multiple-choice questions. Questions vary and so is the scoring mechanism. Therefore, a 70-point passing score may be more or less than 70% of the total exam questions. When answering the questions, it is crucial that you pay close attention to the instructions. Ensure you read them carefully before you answer the questions. This is because Microsoft questions can be sometimes tricky and you need to exercise critical thinking to be able to understand the questions. Note that you have 50 minutes to complete all of them. In addition to this, the applicants should be aware that there may be some un-scored questions, which are designed to test possible future questions. The un-scored questions will not count towards your total exam scores. However, there is no way to differentiate between scored and un-scored questions. Therefore, you have to answer all of them to the best of your ability.

Microsoft 98-365: Skills Measured

The certification exam evaluates the candidate’s ability to accomplish certain technical skills. They include understanding server installation, server maintenance, storage, server roles, management of server performance and AD (Active Directory). Each of these skill areas has specific percentage that shows the weight of questions that will be generated from them. In addition to this, each skill area also has a list of subtopics that should be mastered before going to the exam. The students are advised to visit the Microsoft exam webpage to learn more about the percentage and the subtopics under each skill area.

Microsoft 98-365: Target Audience

The individuals taking the 98-365 exam should be familiar with the technologies and concepts of Windows Server administration. They should have a level of hands-on experience working with Windows-based networking, Windows Server, account management, system recovery concepts and tools and Active Directory. Even if you haven’t had experience in IT, you can manage to pass with good preparation. The certification exam is not hard for those students who focus on studying the exam contents. However, if you do not study, you might have to retake the test.

Microsoft 98-365: Preparation Tips

The students taking this exam are not experienced in the field of technology and have little or no expertise in the Microsoft technology. Therefore, it is essential that you take your preparation seriously. Many test takers do not pass theexam at their first attempt and it is sometimes because of the lack of adequate preparation. To help you with your exam prep, we have highlighted some tips that will help you make the best decision on your method of study.

  • Use a study plan

There are different online platforms that offer the test takers the template to develop a study plan. In case you cannot develop one for yourself, you should search for help online. Your study plan should contain every aspect of the exam content with study time frame. It is recommended that you start with familiar topics and gradually move to the more difficult ones. This will gently ease you into the preparation process.

  • Take a training course

You should sign up for at least one training course during preparation for your exam. There are some reputable platforms that offer courses for the Microsoft 98-365 exam that you can take advantage of. This will build up your knowledge and expertise in the topic areas of the test. Microsoft provides self-paced and instructor-led training for the candidates taking the certification exam, so you might want to check the official website to learn more about this. Other sites that offer courses for the students taking this test include ExamSnap, ExamCollection, PrepAway and Pearson VUE.

  • Take practice tests

No matter how much you study the topics of the exam, if you don’t take practice tests, there is no way to evaluate your level preparedness. You should dedicate some time to take them to help you develop competence in the actual certification test. You should use the official practice test available at the Microsoft exam page for your practice. Other platforms that offer practice tests include PrepAway, ExamSnap and Exam-Labs. Taking a practice test will go a long way to prepare you and increase your chance of success at the exam.