Becoming A Successful YouTube Blogger Is Easier Than It Seemed.

American scientists have found a way to increase the number of views of videos on YouTube. It’s very simple: you need to know the keywords that increase the popularity of videos by several times. And it is desirable to choose a suitable topic.

Pew Research Center is located in Washington, DC and is engaged in the study of social problems and demographic trends in the U.S. and around the world. On Thursday, July 25, the Pew Research Center published a study of popular videos and channels on YouTube and Instagram.

The researchers have studied a total of more than 43 thousand popular channels, which by the end of 2018 had at least 250 thousand subscribers. All these channels in the first week of 2019 published almost a quarter of a million videos with an average length of 12 minutes. In general, the scientists have analyzed more than 48 thousand hours of video content, which gained a total of more than 14 billion views on YouTube in the first seven days after uploading.

The authors of the study found out which topics attract viewers the most and which words should be included in the title of the video to increase the number of views. For example, they call video games one of the most popular topics. All content related to games and videos with and for children on average gain more views than other YouTube videos.

The main keyword in this section became game Fortnite. Rollers, in which it was mentioned, showed the highest increase in views compared to others: five times more than video, in the headlines of which this name was not. In fact, 15 percent of all popular video clips about the game were with this word.

Other popular “game” words are FIFA, Roblox and PUBG. And also videos of this type more views if in their name there were words “moment” and “funny”. In addition, the scientists noted the popularity of videos about beauty, the title of which was the word “makeup” (makeup).

Among the videos about politics, the leading ones were those with the headlines that included the words “Trump” and “president.  The study found that 36 percent of popular political videos had at least one of these key words in their title.

For educational content, the number of viewers increased because of the words “do it yourself” (DIY), “easy”. And content for children is easiest to promote using the words slime and rainbow.

A separate section, which attracted a huge number of people, became video frames. The word “prank” itself, like Fortnite, increases the number of views on average by five times. Other popular words in entertainment content of this kind were ASMR and “superhero” (superhero). In addition, viewers were attracted over and over again by Challenge (for example, viral videos where people try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon) and video with “boxing” – unpacking parcels and shopping).

And finally, in general, users in all categories were especially attracted by the words “insane” (insane) and “worst” (worst) – they work as a clickbite, significantly increasing the number of views.

It turns out that the secret of success is simple: all you need to upload to YouTube videos with titles like “Prank Century: Crazy Trump unpacks new sneakers” or “Challenge: Fortnite characters make a slide themselves. It remains only to create such content.

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