Create Easy Business PowerPoint Presentations with FPPT Free PowerPoint Templates

An effective PowerPoint presentation doesn’t require outstanding screens, great visuals and incredible animation. In fact, the best presentations are simple, interesting and exciting. When you know the secret to create an effective presentation, then you’re on the right way to become an excellent presenter.

Business presentations play a vital role in business success. These presentations act as a key to deliver the right message to the target audience. While preparing business presentations, a presenter invests maximum time and effort. Many businesses opt for PowerPoint to create business presentations.

Did you know, PowerPoint has over 1 billion installations? Yes!!! PowerPoint is a popular presentation software around the world. The PowerPoint offers thousands of templates, designs, layouts and backgrounds. As millions of presentations are designed through PowerPoint, the presenters end up designing the same templates. In order to make their presentation unique and attractive, businesses are using third party resources to design their presentations. Small businesses can’t afford third-party resources as the subscription prices are touching the sky. has made the presenter’s lives easier. 

Introduction to FPPT

The FPPT was founded in 2008. It is offering 12435+ Free PowerPoint templates accessible via (yeah, it sounds like an ugly name, but what’s inside is a powerful resource). Here you can download PowerPoint backgrounds and themes for presentations created by solopreneurs, individual consultants or to be used in medium and large business-size presentations. It has been more than a decade that FPPT is providing amazing services for beginners and professionals. It has been constantly adding a wide range of templates, slides, backgrounds and designs.

High-quality templates for free

FREE is the magic term for people. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! As FPPT is offering 12435+ PowerPoint templates for free. On the other hand, these templates are specially designed by professionals. What are you waiting for? Switch to FPPT, use unique and high-quality crafted PowerPoint templates for your business presentations. FPPT is the right solution for beginners and experienced presenters. As it is offering thousands of attractive templates, you’ll never run out of choice.

Search through tags, keywords, colour and categories

Searching is fun at FPPT. Presenters don’t need to catch their heads to find the right template or background for their presentation. FPPT has made the presenter’s job simple and easy. Apart from browsing 12435+ templates, presenters can explore templates using categories, keywords, colour or tags. The search bar is displayed at the top of the FPPT homepage. Consider, if a presenter is looking for business presentations. Type the term “business” in the search bar and click. That’s it!!! The accurate results will be displayed on the screen. As the tags, keywords, colour and categories of each template are carefully assigned by experts at FPPT. Therefore, presenters can easily get their required template rather than browning through thousands of templates.

Versatile and customizable templates

Hurray!!! FPPT is offering versatile and customizable templates. These templates are used for various purposes – education, business, finance, health, fashion and more. Also, the presentation platform is offering specialized templates for specific topics. Presenters can download these templates and use them for presentations.

Source: Free PowerPoint template by FPPT

These high-quality and unique templates are customized according to user requirements. Make your brand shine by delivering an excellent presentation in front of the target audience. The templates and slides are crafted for specific purposes, with an attractive layout. SmartArt graphs, tables, charts and infographics are customized according to a specific topic. Sounds fantastic right? Yes!!! Presenters need to organize their content to give a professional look.


Compatibility is the top priority for presenters. FPPT is offering thousands of free PowerPoint templates with the compatible feature. These templates are opened, edited and saved in other presentation tools such as Keynote, Google Slides and OpenOffice. Within a single click, presenters can import their PowerPoint presentations into Keynote or Google Slides without losing its quality.

FPPT templates are the best for individual and business purposes. As these templates and slides will save their time and efforts while composing slideshows. Every slide consists of a guide or manual. It is used to help presenters to stay focused on a particular top and keep the content organized on every slide.

Top-rated PowerPoint templates, background and slide designs

Are you running out of time? No worries FPPT will provide a perfect solution for the presenters with recommendation and editor’s choice templates, slide designs and backgrounds.

Presenters can use “Top-Rated” filters to browse recommended and most-liked template slide designs. A powerful history, feedback and review of every template will make you feel confident. Presentations cannot go wrong with FPPT best PowerPoint templates. Choose the best editor’s pick template or slide design that meets your requirements and finalize them.

Themes, templates and slide design for personal and business purpose 

Whether you’re planning to create a personalized birthday presentation or explaining the business ethics to employees. The FPPT templates are designed for every purpose. Therefore presenters can design templates according to their needs. Say big thanks to FPPT!!! The platform is offering thousands of templates for free. These templates are available for all types of presenters – students, professionals, NGOs or government authorities. For example, the above image is the search result for “Technology”. The templates related to technology are displayed as search results.  Presenters can download templates, themes and slide designs without sign-up. Start designing customized templates and give a professional touch with powerful layouts. 

Gain knowledge with FPPT blog

An FPPT blog is an effective online journal. This is the best place for presenters to acquire knowledge. Learn about tips, hacks and tricks. This will improve your presentation and speaking skills. Everyday a trending topic will be posted on FPPT blog. Moreover, new presentation template providers are reviewed each month. Here you can find alternatives to PowerPoint template websites and sites to download Google Slides  themes, including alternatives to Slides Carnival. Presenters can read these blogs and stay up to date with the current trends and techniques. The popular categories are 3D PowerPoint presentations, charts, business, animations, cloud computing, designs, excel, keynote, performance, PowerPoint tools presentation software, security, public speaking and more. Presenters can select the category and learn about a specific topic.

Create effective presentations on the go

One of the greatest features of FPPT is compatibility. The platform will stay up-to-date with the latest versions of PowerPoint. Therefore, presenters can enjoy recent features and enjoy comfort and convenience while creating a unique presentation. After designing the presentation, presenters can upload their templates to their OneDrive account. Presenters can access these templates whenever required. They can open, edit and save the templates on the go. Business presentations can be easily modified using various devices such as a computer, tablet or mobile.

Source: Abstract Slide Design by FPPT

Collaborate with your team

Effective collaboration is the popular approach that allows team members to work together towards the business goal. While collaborating, every team member will get a chance or opportunity to communicate their ideas and express their views on a particular business presentation. Collaboration is simple with FPPT templates. As the team members will work together and keep the presentation updates in real-time. Through collaboration, a business can effectively design a good-looking PowerPoint presentation, save time and reduce errors.


Are you planning to design a business PowerPoint presentation? Yes!!! Look no further than FPPT is a one-stop destination for beginner and experienced presenters. The provider is offering thousands of templates, slide designs and layout for zero cost. Keeping it simple, FPPT is considered as a hub for unique templates, background designs, animated templates and more. You don’t need to get registered to browse and download the templates. These templates and designs are compatible with other presentation software. No matter whether you’re looking for education, health or fashion templates, FPPT has got you covered. Without any fuss, presenters can open, edit and save their presentation on different devices. FPPT experts are consistently working to design high-quality templates, themes and slide designs to help presenters across the world