GPS Tracking: How It Increases Business Productivity

Today’s business world is highly competitive and requires maximum utility of every resource to succeed or survive the market trends. GPS fleet management is an important tool that brings wonderful results for companies dealing with a huge fleet of motorcycles or vehicles.

A GPS tracker allows businesses to gain control over fuel consumption, payrolls, and the safety of their employees. It provides real-time metrics of the engine status, mileage, routes used, and stop performance. GPS tracking offers many solutions to businesses, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. Here are ways GPS fleet tracking can improve business productivity.

Routing and Dispatch

Time is everything when it comes to delivery. Customers want to receive their products as quickly as possible for better convenience. GPS tracking allows dispatch teams to direct drivers and riders efficiently to minimize time spent on the road.

The tracking system allows dispatchers to advise drivers on roads they should avoid due to heavy traffic. When heading to new locations, drivers may easily get lost. The tracker helps to re-route drivers and helps them maintain the correct course to any address.

Tracking devices help the dispatch team locate the nearest vehicle to any job address. Such information improves delivery times and customer satisfaction. In addition, it is easy to allocate multiple jobs to a single driver on the same route. This action helps to reduce fuel consumption if you have multiple vehicles on the same route.

Monitor Vehicle Usage

Company vehicles should only serve the intended purpose. Unauthorized vehicle usage not only increases the cost but could also lead to expensive legal cases if the vehicle conducts illegal businesses. A GPS Tracker alerts business owners when the vehicles go outside the permitted area of operation. Such notifications help to eradicate suspicious usage of vehicles.

A tracker eliminates the problem of vehicles operating at unauthorized times. It sends alerts of vehicle activity during odd hours, which helps respond quickly to theft and curb unauthorized jobs.

Automated Payroll

Paper logs are subject to human error, falsification of work hours, and wrong fuel and tax calculations. The GPS fleet management tool eliminates this problem through accurate reporting.

The system records the number of hours worked, mileage, and idle time spent for breaks and meals. In addition, it correctly displays the number of overtime hours when a team member works beyond the allotted time. The format is easy to follow, allowing all team members to control their own time.

Proper recording helps to avoid disputes over payment and misuse of working hours. It gives employees motivation to effectively use their time and minimize personal errands at work. The records help to calculate tax and fuel costs, thereby reducing administrative duties.

Vehicle Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of your fleet ensure longevity and safety for users. GPS tracking allows users to record all vehicle activities. The insight brings fleet management awareness on the engine’s status, smog checks, and oil changes.

Preventive maintenance helps you to avoid expensive repairs and unwanted downtimes. Furthermore, your fleet will remain compliant with the regulatory requirements. Poor handling and frequent breakdowns lead to frustrated drivers and unhappy customers. GPS systems help to improve fleet reliability and proper planning of your schedule.

Improved Customer Service

Transparency in delivery service helps customers to trust your brand and know what to expect. GPS tracking software allows you to inform clients of the status of their orders. It is easy to automate a text message to notify clients after an order picks up and the expected delivery time.

If the driver is running late or the vehicle has broken down, it is easy for your team to call the customer and explain the delay. An automated text when the driver is within the delivery address informs the client that they should expect the package at any time. Accurate estimates of arrival time bring satisfaction to clients leading to loyalty and more referrals.

GPS systems help eliminate time wastage and increase team member performance. Better communication, improved driver behavior, reduced mileage, and road safety improve the morale of drivers. The company enjoys benefits of better profits, loyal customers, reduced delivery times, and vehicle reliability.

A GPS tracker is an ultimate solution for your fleet management. The installation will boost productivity from the drivers to the administration teams. Contact LiveViewsGPS for reliable and cutting-edge tracking systems.