What is Kibana and 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Kibana?

Do you have access to important information?  Yes! That sounds fantastic. Make sure the data is presented in a visual manner. Because, when the data is represented visually, it could be easier to understand for entrepreneurs, clients and customers. Even a beginner can understand the information without hassles.

According to a recent analysis, visual data can improve efficiency during business meetings. This way, the visual data helps to boost profitability. Most companies use data visualization tools for their projects. There are thousands of tools available in the market, and Kibana stands out from the crowd. Yes, you’ve heard it right!

Let’s discuss what Kibana is and the reasons to use Kibana in your projects.

What is Kibana?

Entrepreneurs around the world are fulfilling their dreams with Kibana. What makes Kibana special? The answer is simple. 

Kibana is the popular visual interface software that allows business owners or entrepreneurs to visualize and explore over the log data that is massed in the “Elasticsearch clusters”. Elastic is the core organization behind the Kibana. Logstash and Elasticsearch are the popular tools of Kibana. These tools are open-source. 

Elasticsearch – This tool will assist as the large database for both semi-structured information and document-oriented.

Logstash – This tool helps to store logs, collect and parse them for future use.

The ultimate functionality of Kibana – Data analysis and querying. On the other hand, the tool allows visualizing business information in other ways i.e using graphs, pie charts, line graphs, histograms and more. Thanks to Kibana! With the Kibana machine learning functionality, users can easily detect, analyze and examine anomalies in the Elasticsearch data. This could be great for the one who is responsible for analyzing and organizing the information. Within a few simple clicks on Kibana’s dashboard, they can share the gathered data with their customers, clients and supervisors. Users can export the data in multiple formats such as PDF, CSV, etc. Kibana’s has a Node.js server, user’s don’t need to spend their time installing or updating the infrastructure to execute the code or program.

If you’ve not yet been familiarised with the data visualization and data analytic tool, here you can book a Kibana demo. Select the convenient time, and Kibana team members will reach out to you. With the conversation, you can get a detailed picture of the Kibana tool.

5 Reasons Why You Should use Kibana

Log Data Visualization Tool

Did you know that Alibaba Cloud has been integrated with Kibana’s ElasticSearch? Yes! This could be big news. Users can easily access the Kibana tool without hassles. They can detect, analyse and safely store the information in the ElasticSearch. As mentioned earlier, users can easily access the data in multiple forms such as bar, graph, line, pie-chart and more. Kibana dashboard function can easily compile a wide range of visual components into a wide space or large screen.

Log reading cases

There might be a situation where you don’t directly access the data. Let’s consider, it is important to detach and analyze an event that has occurred in the production department, but you don’t have permission to access the production environment for few valid reasons.

Or, if you’re offering a service on Windows OS, and you need to provide access to more than three employees or clients at the same time. It’s an open truth that the Windows operating system has the terms that no three people can work together at the same time via Remote Desktop Protocol. Users need to purchase RDP access to provide access to multiple employees at the same time. It is required to purchase the license, and not all organizations are ready to purchase.

Powerful and Convenient Development Tools

No more waiting!

With Kibana’s convenient development tools, users can simply skip the complicated task i.e entering commands in their terminals. They can directly process the ElasticSearch data. Interesting right? Yes! When compared to other visualization and analyzing tools, Kibana’s provides powerful development tools. With Kibana’s search profiles, users can simply track the time taken for every search request. 

Predict trends and secure every operation

Elasticsearch and Logstash work hand-on-hand, Kibana tool will provide an excellent visual home experience for your data. Also, getting started with Kibana is simple, experiment with your data according to your choice. With the experiment data, you can shape for further predictive reports and trend analysis.

With the Kibana tool, users can configure signals and set alert reports that can easily capture suspicious events. Kibana helps to spot the indications of the unwanted or bad actors who are trying to operate your systems.

Data map analysis

There might be several lines in the graph. A single line can be related to 1000 to 10,000 of the documents. Here the documents could be transactions performed between two users.  The Kibana tool allows you to have a deep understanding of these relationships. Users can use several formats such as timelines, graphs, data maps or original documents to recover in-depth information. Within a single click, you can interact and check the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, you can simply customize the image shapes and also colours.


Reporting is important for any project. Kibana understands the importance of the reporting option. Hence, it offers excellent reporting functionality for its users. Kibana reporting options help users to generate reports of their visualization with ease. Within a few simple clicks, users can even schedule their reports for the future or later. Also, users can generate reports automatically by submitting “HTTP POST” requests. This way, users can share their reports with colleagues, 

You can schedule the report for later, get it on demand and trigger it as per certain conditions. You can also automatically generate reports by submitting HTTP POST requests and it is possible to share them with others.

Wrapping up

Kibana is the ultimate solution that many developers and IT teams choose for using for logging. It is an open-source data visualization software. Simply put, Kibana visualizes business data in an efficient and accurate manner. Also, the tool allows business owners to choose how the data should be displayed. Book a demo and give it a try!