Here’s Why Getting a Hadoop Certification is Important


Many professionals who take the time to learn Hadoop and big data, often wonder if they should go as far as getting certified.

Do you ever think about the same thing, too?

Have you been wondering if getting certified is just vanity or if there is real value to it?

In this guide, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

We’ll look into the benefits that you can enjoy from getting a Hadoop Certification, so you can determine if the benefits will have a big enough of an impact on your business.

Benefits of using Hadoop

Hadoop, as a set of open-source software services, holds enormous data storage capacity and processing power.

That attribute alone provides several benefits for using the technology.

It collects boatloads of data from a wide range of sources, such as clickstream data, social media, emails, and more.

Converting that much data into one format, though, takes a long period to be done. Hadoop saves you that amount of time as it gleans further information from any kind of data.


Hadoop also keeps your data on a distributed file structure. As such, it aids your company in streamlining your data management.

This solution is also rapid in performance because the tools used in data processing are on the same servers where your data are.

With that ability, you can process several terabytes of data on Hadoop in a matter of minutes.

What’s more, Hadoop is cost-effective. Instead of deleting previous raw data to accommodate new ones, you can retrieve old information from Hadoop’s storage.

It even creates multiple copies of stored information automatically.

Hadoop does this to ensure you don’t lose any data in cases of untoward incidents and only when you delete them.

Hadoop can also accomplish virtually unlimited tasks simultaneously.

Among its functions include data warehousing, market campaign analysis, fraud recognition, and others.

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Importance of Hadoop certification

These powerful capabilities encourage business owners like you to master the ins and outs of Hadoop — and if you’re going to learn them, you might as well get certified.

Let me share with you five reasons garnering a Hadoop certification is important.

1. It accelerates your mastery of big data and Hadoop.

A Hadoop certification helps accelerate your mastery of the technology and big data.

It compels you to advance your proficiency through the right Hadoop certification training.

Such training or course increases your practical mastery of the Hadoop ecosystem and components.

You can learn big data and Hadoop ecosystem tools, such as MapReduce, Hive, Hadoop frameworks, Spark SQL, Yarn, HDFS, Flume, and Spark.

You can enhance skills on functional programming, parallel processing, real-time data processing, and more, and discover the latest Hadoop features.

You can even apply what you learned by handling real-life projects in retail and payments, stock exchange, human resources, and others.

A Hadoop certification training will also teach you concepts about the lifecycle of processing big data.

With a Hadoop certification, you can be more adept at dealing with the technical facets of the technology as compared with non-certified specialists.

2. Big data professionals are in demand.

In this advanced technological age, it has become critical for data — especially volumes of it — to be analyzed and handled correctly.

Because of that, businesses and many other sectors seek the capabilities of big data scientists to process, organize, and make sense of all their information.

Your business itself may even need one.

There is still, however, a shortage of big data architects and engineers to cope with the high demand — 140,000 to 190,000 skilled professionals and 1.5 million managers and analysts as predicted for 2018.

Hadoop-certified data scientists are marketable now. Companies even seek and prefer applicants with Hadoop certification over those without.

Certified Hadoop developers, for instance, can receive a yearly salary of more than 100,000 dollars.

The administrators’ average salary also reaches nearly 130,000 dollars, which is considerably higher than that of non-certified Hadoop professionals.

Moreover, Hadoop-certified specialists undergo a rigorous exercise requiring firm commitment — an attribute job recruiters are looking for.

That leads us to the next reason Hadoop certification is important.

3. It opens up Big data career opportunities.

Earning your Hadoop certification opens the door to several promising career opportunities in the field of big data.

Having such a credential alleviates the process for landing an entry-level Hadoop designation. It also helps speed up your promotion in the company.

Being Hadoop-certified offers you the privilege to lead technical projects and guide your team members more efficiently.

The certification is helpful when building connections, as well. You can convince your clients more easily to partner with you for Hadoop and big data projects due to your specialization.

You can even serve as an IT consultant for businesses and assist them in streamlining their big data management.

The certification may even enlist you as a figure of authority. Various organizations may tap and invite you to teach about this solution as well, which further enhances your résumé.

4. It proves your expertise and credibility.

A Hadoop certification proves to your higher-ups, clients, and project partners your hands-on experience with the technology and big data.

After all, people always look for evidence of your expertise before investing in you. Such a credential highlights exactly that and eliminates any doubt of your big data skills.

When you have a Hadoop certification, you also become more credible — not only to the company you work with but also to other audiences.

Credibility is crucial even in seminars, workshops, and other speaking engagements.

When your audience hears about your qualifications, they are more open to listening to and learning from you.

5. It boosts your confidence in discussing Hadoop.

On the other side of your audience’s perception of your credibility is your confidence in discussing Hadoop.

Confidence goes hand-in-hand with your credibility. People will find it hard to believe you if you don’t sound believable, and you’re not convinced of your competence yourself.

Having a Hadoop certification boosts your confidence, too. It tells you that you have garnered sufficient conceptual and technological know-how, including industry updates.

The certification is also a confident indicator of proficient big data and Hadoop talents.


Hadoop certification may require investing your time, effort, and other resources, but you’ll find it worth the while.

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It benefits both you and your business as it opens up profitable opportunities.

If you don’t have a certification yet, consider obtaining one, and see your career path and business advance even further.

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