How to Control a Business English Conversation


If you want to be a good communicator, invest in your Business English skills. Learn how to control conversations. Communicate with courage and precision. In particular, pay close attention to those business communications. Have clear objectives. The following techniques will help you have complete control over your conversation.


Do you feel like the conversation is no longer productive? Well, it’s time you consider renewing your focus again. For instance, you can utilize an expression like ‘What’s the objective here?’ to engage your partners and let them stop thinking.  And once you have reminded them of the goals, go ahead with a more productive conversation. Plus, you can take business English courses to better your skills. 

Speaking Slowly, Clearly

Research has found that people who talk slowly tend to be more confident and trustworthy. So, when speaking, be sure to slow down and exert your confidence in that particular situation. Don’t rush when putting a point across. Take your time. Study the other party. You will be trusted and efficient when it comes to conversations—especially those involving business dealings.

Body Language Is Important

According to the stats, body language plays a key role when it comes to conversations and business communications. Here, you should keep your hands free. Don’t keep them in the pocket. Avoid fidgeting. If you are sitting down, do it properly. Also, stand straight. Exude confidence. Show that you understand what you are talking about. Gesture confidently. Use signs to guide your audience to understand what you want to talk about next.

The Power of Listening Carefully

For you to take control of a conversation, it’s important to understand what the other party is saying. Take time to listen carefully and be sure to base your arguments on what others say. Allow them to talk. Be open-minded.

Be Clear

Clarity is an important aspect of communication. Thus, be sure to be clear about what you want to say. Us the right expressions when directing your audience. For instance, you can tell your audience to let now focus to make them more attentive. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with a topic, you can tell your customers that, “let’s not talk about this for now). It will be for another day”. Allow your audience to digest whatever you have said. Allow them to ask questions. Don’t be rude. Be composed. Exude confidence. Don’t interrupt someone who is asking questions. Avoid exposing the weaknesses of your audience. Deal with them cautiously.

Key Takeaway

Communication is an art. You can master the art of conversations. You can be more productive when it comes to business communications. Remember, business persons, don’t like fluff. They want clarity. So, give them what they want. Be clear with your conversation. Speak slowly and coherently.

The Bottom-Line

The above techniques are all you need to communicate like a business diplomat. From speaking slowly to listening carefully—these are the techniques that will make you look like a smarter business person. Make the purpose of the conversation clear and work towards it.