Know About The Content Formats That Are Ideal For Link Building

Internet Marketing is changing the Entrepreneurship World

Without any doubt, backlinks are capable of driving SEO results more than any other ranking metric. A strong backlink profile with high-quality links has the potential to take your website on top of search rankings and ensure that it stays up there. But have you ever thought what really drives quality for backlinks? Of course, the authority and relevance of the site you link with are the key elements but content matters the most. The most powerful link building tactics are, in fact, content-driven. Creating content that is capable of yielding quality links takes a great deal of effort and good thinking.

Primarily, you need to think of a content idea that is link-worthy and the information that the piece delivers should also be juicy and valuable enough. At the same time, the format in which you deliver the content matters a lot. Speaking about content delivery, there are certain ways that make ordinary content compelling and link-worthy. So you should definitely focus on choosing the best format in addition to creating great content. Here are the formats you need to prioritize.


Nothing impresses readers more than visuals and this is exactly the reason why infographics emerge as a popular format from the link building perspective. The format serves a mix of key messages with great visuals, which makes it highly engaging for the audience. While infographics attract social links from the viewers who like and share them, they are also ideal for reaching out to niche-relevant sites. Simply speaking, you have good chances to generate high-value and high-impact backlinks with infographics in a relatively short amount of time.

Before you start creating infographics, you need to bear some things in mind. To start with, the topic has to be relevant to your target audience because you cannot expect to generate attention without precision. Further, the information in the infographic should be accurate and relevant. Don’t forget to combine it with appealing visuals as well. Visuals make a significant impact and can boost the effectiveness of the information. Judicious use of prominent fonts for representing key stats can also add value to the infographic.

Press Releases

Another content format that you must absolutely invest in to take your link building strategy to the next level is press releases. This format is highly effective in reaching the big websites that actively look for fresh content to publish. Propagating online press releases is an ideal approach when you just start your website or launch a new product or service. You may even release one for spreading a word about a core event, changes in your organization’s management approach or new development in your business.

Besides selecting a juicy piece of news to publish, you also need to package the message in an interesting manner. Press releases follow a certain format but you should not miss out on adding a storytelling element if you want to make it interesting. When you write a PR, think about your target audience as well. Remember that your end consumers are not the primary targets when it comes to press releases. Editors, writers, website owners are the real ones you expect to reach out to and compel to link with the content. 

Guest Posts

When it comes to winning the link building game with the right content format, you cannot ignore the significance of share-worthy guest posts. This is a tactic that has been around for years and will continue to be popular in the future as well. Backlinks from guest posts on niche-relevant and credible websites definitely serve the quality you expect and have the potential to take your website ahead in the hyper-competitive digital marketing landscape. The benefits of this content format are immense.

Primarily, guest posts continue to be effective and yield tangible results as long as the content is live on the site. If it is good enough, the backlink in the content can even generate voluminous traffic to your website. One thing that you need to ensure is that the post has high quality, informative content. The article here,, explains why and how you should be adding depth to your content piece. This is not possible with small posts; so you should ideally stick to long-form content for this format. At the same time, it is important to adhere to the guidelines of the guest blogging website.


Another content format that you must absolutely include in your link building strategy to make it a success is videos. Video marketing, in fact, has emerged as one of the top-rated digital marketing strategies in the current times. The best thing about video marketing is that these pieces always generate the interest of the audience and drive them to create backlinks naturally as they view, like and share your content. Beyond just enhancing your link profile, video content has the potential for giving you a branding advantage by making you visible.

Beneficial as this format may be, it is not easy to produce. It takes a lot of smart thinking and hard work to come up with a compelling idea and make a great video that the viewers will enjoy. Maintaining a high level of audio and video production is certainly important. Also, you need to know the audience and their expectations while ideating and producing your brand videos. Storytelling content adds value to the video and definitely makes it a sustainable link building resource.

These content formats are definitely the winners if you want to enhance your link profile with new and high-quality inbound links from credible sites, that too without too much hard work. The idea is to utilize a blend of these formats so that you are able to leverage the impact that each of them has to offer. Don’t forget to also pay attention to your audience, both the end customers and website owners, because at the end of the day, the content you craft is for them. If the content you use for link building is capable of connecting with the audience, they will definitely be willing to link with it and generate backlinks naturally.