How to Remove USB Shortcut Virus from Your PC [Solved]

USB Shortcut Virus

USB Drives are very common for data transfer and they are reliable and fast but sometimes they cause problems through which our data is lost. USB Shortcut Virus is one the problem we face a lot and this is a virus which is very dangerous for our operating system.

When you connect your flash drive you see a shortcut virus and all your files vanish. You don’t know what to do now. The virus you are dealing with is called Trojan. Similarly, sometimes you may see conhost.exe in your task manager which is actually not a virus. But sometimes it can work as a virus. And what this virus does is basically affect your files and hide them and make your .exe shortcut.

How to Deal with USB Shortcut Virus

So you must have some important files hidden inside your USB drive and now you are trying to get your precious files out of the drive. Here are the few simple steps, follow carefully:


USB Shortcut Virus


  • Click on Start and Search for cmd Right Click on it and open as administrator.
  • Now Enter your drive name from which you want your files back Let’s Suppose it is [F].
  • Type f:
  • Now Enter  attrib -s -r -h *.* /s /d /l

After Few Seconds you will see a folder by opening that folder you can access your files easily.


How to Remove USB Shortcut Virus from Your PC




This option is to be used by highly professional people who know about the registry, its settings, and its importance. If anything happens then it’s up to you. A simple mistake can harm your PC.

  • Press the Windows keyR, type “Regedit” to enter the registry.

Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / Current Version / Run. Normally, you shouldn’t see any key except the default as you can see in the image below. Any key that is unusual such as WXCKYz, OUzzckky and other that ends with VBS, INI, LNK and EXE extension are safe to delete. However, this is a case to case basis, do this in your own discretion.

  • Besides you are the only one who knows what software you install on your computer.
  • Press the Windows key + Ragain, type “msconfig” click “OK“, in “Startup” tab uncheck everything except your antivirus. Click “OK” and “Restart now”.

USB Shortcut Virus in PC (2)


After performing these steps your USB shortcut virus will  remove from your PC.

How Can I Prevent My PC from USB Shortcut Virus again in future?

Make sure have complete protection installed on your PC which includes various kinds of antivirus software and other protections which can protect your PC and tell you before the attack of virus and also help in USB shortcut Virus protection. Install one of these recommended antiviruses and scan your pc on daily basis.

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