The 5 Best Field Recorders 2021: Top Portable Recorders For Capturing Sound On-the-go


Field recorders are used to capture sound on-the-go, so they are best for any situation where you need quality recordings. The best field recorders come with a variety of features, including the ability to import files recorded in other formats and high-quality microphones that minimize noise. If you’re looking for one of these best field recorder models, then this article is perfect for you!

What is a Field Recorder

A field recorder is a small, portable device that allows the user to record audio in the form of either monophonic or polyphonic. Most are battery powered and can be used with all sorts of different purposes. For example, it’s often used by film or theater students in order to capture sound effects they may need for an assignment. It can also be utilized in interviews where one person might wish to have recording abilities involving multiple sources at once. Professionals use them when out on location and want to include daily sounds like traffic noise, wind, waves crashing against shoreline rocks, etc.

Top 5 Best Field Recorders 2021

Sony PCM D-100

The PCM-D100 is a single slot card-format recorder made by Sony. It’s an ultra high-resolution digital audio recorder, as it operates at 192 kHz and has a 24 bit sound quality. This is the only prosumer model Sony currently has that records on memory cards rather than tapes or disks. The PCM 100 was designed to be a standalone field recorder, which means you can just take it outside with a battery and not have to worry about computers or cables. It can record one channel of simultaneous analog input plus four channels of simultaneous WAV files from the built in microphones onto PlugIn Media Cards (SD/SDHC).

Zoom H4n PRO Black Portable Field Recorder

The Zoom H4n PRO is the ideal choice for recording high-quality professional audio on the go. The Zoom H4N Pro is a pro-level field recorder featuring four interchangeable mic capsules, self-noise, high sensitivity mics for low sound level ambiences. The included H4n Pro Beta update adds high quality two-channel input/output functionality ideal for content creators who need to capture dialogue or voice overs while simultaneously recording discrete backing tracks on an external recorder.

Tascam DR-44WL Portable Field Recorder with WiFi

It’s convenient for recording performances or interviews when other equipment might be too cumbersome to bring with you, but for more professional environments where permanent set-ups are available; other options like Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) can produce higher quality recordings.

It supports 160 GB SDXC cards for storage capacity. Recording from 64 kHz/24-bit to 96 kHz/24 UHZ in BWF or WAV formats ensures high-quality recordings every time. In order to boost battery life while decreasing heat generation, conserves current by powering down when not being used by using an auto-off function so there’s no need to hover over the ON switch!

Roland R-07 Black High-Resolution Audio Recorder

The Roland R 07 Black High-Resolution Audio Recorder has a built-in shotgun microphone and the machine’s hardware is geared toward creating clean sound recordings for noisy environments, such as live concerts. The recorder also connects with Roland’s free software that lets you manipulate and edit your audio files in many ways.

This field recorder can be useful when recording sound effects for film, video, or photos. With the use of the HD models of this device, you can now record sounds from farther distances than before. 

Zoom F8n Multi Track Field Recorder

The F8n is a great studio-quality recorder that offers unbelievable features and excellent sound quality! This is a great addition to your list of gear because it will ensure that you have pristine recordings every time. The Zoom F8n has eight XLR inputs for recording 12 simultaneous tracks with a pristine low-noise performance at 24bit/192kHz resolution. Featuring preamp modeling, compression, and limiting plug-ins, all in one unit? That’s “smart recorders” for you!

After AD conversion on any input channel(s), normalization across all channels is done in mere milliseconds by multifunctional hardware to ensure outstanding signal quality when mixing different sources together in post-production.