The best VPN service tested for speed, reliability and privacy


There are many reasons why you may want to subscribe to a VPN service. Many people do so to secure their privacy. VPNs offer this service by creating a secure and encrypted tunnel through which a user’s data is channelled. While anonymity is an important feature on these online streets, you do not want to trade speed and reliability for it. 

It would be awesome to find a VPN service that not only guarantees but also delivers on speed, reliability and privacy. But how do you settle on the best service when there are so many providers in the market? Each of these VPNs claims to be the best.

To save you the trouble of trying out the quality of each, this guide provides you with an analysis of the best VPN service providers in terms of the non-negotiable essentials of a VPN, that is, speed, reliability and privacy. 

Which is the best VPN service for speed, reliability and privacy?

There’s a stiff competition between different service providers in a bid to outshine each other. However, after our test and analysis, we still managed to come up with the best of the best which is- Express VPN. 

ExpressVPN has been undergoing a series of improvements since its first release in 2009. These improvements have made it the most reliable VPN for multiple devices. Here is a detailed ranking of our top 5 picks.

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. IVPN
  4. surfshark
  5. Cyberghost


From our tests, we found out that ExpressVPN is reliable especially in terms of speed. Its ability to bypass geo-restrictions even in countries like China where most VPNs are not permitted is amazing. 

ExpressVPN has specially designed apps for all devices. You can get it for your router, android device, computer, firestick, name it. 

ExpressVPN has a high number of servers (over 3,000) strategically located in 94 countries all over the world. You can change Sweden IP address with ease using ExpressVPN. Connecting to a server that is in another geographical location masks your real IP address as issued by your internet service provider. It also allows you to access geo-restricted content. 

From our tests, we also found out that ExpressVPN does not collect user logs. This guarantees the security of your private data and information. No harvesting data on the sites you visit, your user accounts or any other traffic channelled through your connected devices.

From our speed tests, ExpressVPN maintained a consistent good speed that allows for quick downloads from different endpoints. The live streaming service across different platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, and iplayer was also seamless.

You can run 5 simultaneous connections on a single ExpressVPN account. Though it is a bit pricey compared to its competitors, ExpressVPN takes the crown as the best overall VPN for speed, reliability and privacy. 

Main shortcoming: limits users to 5 simultaneous connections for each account. 


NordVPN is a close rival to ExpressVPN. 

. Although NordVPN does not keep consumer logs, we found out that following the March 2018 breach, many people still have privacy concerns.From our tests, we found that NordVPN also runs on an advanced encryption technology which secures your online activity

There is a slight reduction when connected to this VPN, but this does not affect your internet speed to any significant magnitude. Our tests showed that NordVPN all-round speed is reliable.  

In matters of reliability and convenience, NordVPN offers up to 6 simultaneous connections for each account. It also has different servers specially located for different uses. NordVPN has P2P servers, obfuscated servers, and double VPN servers. Depending on your VPN need, you can connect to the different servers for torrenting, to by-pass geo-restrictions, or for extra protection respectively. 

Main shortcoming: Bad reputation and concerns on matters privacy following the 2018 breach. 


Despite having joined the VPN market recently, PrivateVPN also ranks well with download speeds of up to 71 Mbps and relatively stable video streaming experience. The main shortcoming is that PrivateVPN is yet to establish a wide server network and this puts it at a disadvantage compared to rival companies.

It, however, is a reliable tool handy in unblocking geographical restrictions allowing you to access content on Netflix and Hulu from wherever. You can use private VPN on 6 different devices running on Windows, macOS, Fire TV, Android and iOS.

Main shortcoming: a smaller network of servers – limits your geo-relocation options.

VPNs for speed, reliability, and privacy

A good VPN should offer a secure and reliable privacy solution without affecting your internet speeds. I hope the above review acts as a guide for you to choose a VPN service that provides with an all-three-in one solution.