Top 8 Reasons to Entrust Your Data to Power BI

Today’s businesses derive their strategic advantage from the unique insights their data provide. Data can come from customers’ preferences and behavior, core business processes, competitor analysis, etc. Thus, a genuinely successful business is the one able to embrace its masses of data, categorize and visualize information, and make decisions based on where data drive it. 

Artificial intelligence innovations have made it possible to cover big data and make it intelligible for human beings. Numerous companies offer enterprise-level business intelligence solutions, but Microsoft’s Power BI is unrivaled in this category of products. Named the Leader among analytics and business intelligence platforms for the 14th consecutive year, Power BI is a mighty tool advancing business operations to new levels. 

If you’re still unsure whether you should stop on Power BI, here is a brief overview of the top eight reasons your business really needs it. 

#1 Excellent Set of Features 

Microsoft went the extra mile to make a usable and intuitive service coupled with in-depth data analytics. Thus, a unique combination of in-memory analysis technology and the user-friendly DAX scripting language make Power BI a top-performing solution that offers impressive user simplicity at the same time. 

The application offers robust semantic models and an application lifecycle management (ALM) suite to better and quicker analyze both structured and unstructured data. Coupled with an open connectivity framework and clear Power BI reports with an appealing layout, Power BI is indeed one of the top enterprise analytics tools. Sharing and analyzing big data has never been simpler, as Power BI utilizes the Azure data lake – a literally unlimited source of data storage with outstanding speed and performance. 

Do you want to utilize machine learning in your company but have no IT department with in-depth ML expertise? Power BI can make it possible, helping you use ready-made Microsoft AI solutions for customizing ML models for your business needs. 

#2 User-Friendly Visualization 

You’re sure to love the personalized dashboard feature of Power BI that simplifies its use and makes sense of data analysis outcomes. Also, Power BI’s visual tools can be easily integrated with other applications for you to communicate the analytical results to your team conveniently. 

#3 No Specialized Staff Training 

Power BI’s key strength is that regardless of its innovative business intelligence infrastructure, the solution integrates seamlessly with your business’s existing applications. Its operation does not require in-depth AI knowledge from the staff operating it, so your employees will be able to make agile inquiries and produce smart analysis without technical support from Microsoft staff. The impressive user-Power BI interaction is achieved with AI-enabled natural language processing features and an intuitive interface.

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#4 Advanced Data Security 

The Power BI system treats data security similarly to Microsoft 365 by allowing users to apply sensitivity labels to distinct data categories. The BYOK principle (deciphered as “bring your own key”) is a bulletproof measure for meeting privacy and regulatory requirements for sensitive data management. Besides, the Microsoft Cloud App Security eradicates the likelihood of data loss, advancing the overall quality of data governance.  

#5 No Infrastructure or Hardware Constraints 

Power BI is a cloud-based system, installing which eliminates any speed or memory limitations of your hardware. So, to start using this business intelligence tool, you don’t need to make heavy hardware investments or upgrade your entire infrastructure. Everything is done in the Azure cloud, allowing you to embrace its enormous potential without extra expenditures. 

#6 Connectivity 

Power BI allows quick and seamless sharing of analytical results and integrates hassle-free with a wide range of existing applications. The system builds efficient connections between BI models and Excel spreadsheets and databases, thus enabling data analysis, publication, visualization, and sharing in several ways. Besides, you can even stream your business intelligence findings to your team in real-time to enable timely decisions and transform data insights into action. 

#7 Microsoft Support 

While Power BI works flawlessly without specialized operators, you might still need consultation or troubleshooting from time to time. This is what Microsoft provides with its 24/7 support available for all Power BI users. The Power BI website also features many helpful learning resources, such as webinars and a blog, for the users to expand their understanding of Power BI functionality. 

#8 Optimal Cost-Benefit Balance 

AI is an expensive, narrow-niche technology today, with only a few businesses having the funds to utilize AI’s power in their business decision-making. Power BI brings top-notch analytics closer to middle-sized businesses by offering cost-friendly solutions coupled with advanced productivity and richness of its features.