Top Music Composing Apps for MAC


Music is an integral part of our life, and one cannot imagine his/her life without music. Music rejuvenates one’s soul, and music provides inner peace and joy. Music is a form of art, and through music, one can achieve a state of exuberance and satisfaction. I bet you won’t ever come across a single person who is not fond of music. There are a lot of music composing apps for Android and IOS

Now, here we will discuss some of the top music composing apps for MAC. A free copy of this robust Garageband music production software is provided to all new Macs, but if you crave for something unique, you can find a lot of options.

1. Garageband 

Garageband has been there in the market for years, and the features of this app are very simple, and it is one of the most convenient music composing apps for MAC. You can easily record songs without even requiring to learn a lot about the techniques of the app. Garageband came in conformity with Logic X recently concerning its style. It has introduced a lot of other unique features as well, such as drummers, which spontaneously starts playing alongside your composition. A new feature known as the Amp Simulator helps to make recording of guitars (both six-string and bass) easier and simpler. Again, the wealth of loops and the sound effects helps in providing a professional touch to the compositions. Although Garageband appears to be pretty stylish, it misses out on a lot of control options and editing skills such as crossfades and podcasters, which makes it a perfect place for those who are newly introduced to this digital media. You can also garageband on your windows system. Check out this guide on how to run garageband on windows system.

2. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X comes complete with a proficient, well- equipped software studio that has got the following features such as a vast library of loops, synthesizers, and also audio tools. Some of the unique features, such as Smart Tempo, Phat FX, Step FX, Chroma Verb, and Vintage EQ, makes it one of the most remarkable apps. A total of up to 255 tracks can be recorded for each composition. Several tracks can be laid simultaneously, and you can also apply and manipulate various effects while you are playing the track. Its editing features are strong and baffling with the help of which you can dominate the MIDI patterns and the other aspects of the audio tracks. In addition to that, you can automatically add some modifications on the Fly. Flex Pitch is a kind of auto-tune that helps to adjust the errors of any roving vocalists or guitar solos, and Flex Time helps to fix any problems with timing and paying. Both Garageband and Logic Pro share a similar stylish appearance. Though some of the new features are suppressed at the beginning, if you press the click button twice, it will start functioning. You can also add plugins for specific functions, like EchoRemover 2, to remove echo from audios and videos.

3. PreSonus Studio One 4 Prime

The studio One 4 Prime carries a great impression and is well-reputed. It comes complete with a concrete and well planned out DAW. Studio One can be found in three tiers in its fourth major iteration: 

A) Prime B) Artist and c) Studio

Studio One comes free, but it lacks the complete toolset of the supreme stablemates. It is a full-fledged functional package and unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks and FX channels are made available. There is also an abundance of effects, loops, and samples accompanied by new and advanced instruments and Drum Editor. A lot more options and content are available in the paid version, which includes the chord detector and the sample One XT Sampler. There is one deficiency of this software that third-party plugins such as AU, VST2, VST3, and rewire are not available in the free versions. The design of the layout is pretty simple, and some of the features of Studio One 4 Prime resemble that of Garageband, and they have a lot of functions in common.  

4. Ableton Live 10

Ableton Live 10 comes with some different and exclusive features compared to other apps on the list. Parts of the Music can be recorded and arranged to maintain a particular order on a timeline. Shorter clips of music that are held in banks can also be created through the second mode known as Session. A feel of playing a new instrument can be enjoyed through Ableton Live, and it helps you to make your learning curve a bit steeper. The program consists of a plethora of creating modules and sample libraries and some ingenious editing features that you can execute in real-time. 

5. Cubase Elements 10

Musicians are benefited with some magnificent creative tools for ages via this Cubase platform. The app might bear a high price, but the features of the app are well built and unique. You can easily ace the song mixing with the help of the high-level mixing and editing tools. You also have the advantage of playing 48 audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks at the same time. With all these unique features, Cubase is one of the most elegant and attractive products of digital media.  

So, these are some of the top music composing apps in the market for MAC.