Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Weekly Ad Services

The e-commerce market has been growing steadily every year over the past few years. We really began to buy more products in online stores because it is faster, more convenient, and cheaper. Online stores have taught us that discounts are only possible with seasonal changes in collections, and the race for working coupons and promotional codes is the only way to buy the right product for less. However, it is not always the case. After the economic crisis in the largest market in the world in 2008, the question of cost optimization was especially acute for consumers.

Americans wanted to save money on their purchases at any time of the year and not just on the days of seasonal sales. As an answer to the social request, the first services for price tracking in online stores began to appear. With time, the popularity of such services has increased significantly. So today, you will find dozens of online price calculators and apps monitoring discounts and special offers at different shops.

How Can You Benefit?

Obviously, lowering the price is the strongest argument for a customer to make a purchase because, according to surveys, people trust it more than stocks, coupons, and even sales. And it is what many stores and manufacturers are actively making use of. With a smart app in your cell phone, you can track what’s happening on the market and plan your weekly budget by compiling a list of products to buy and shops to do purchase at. Thus, you can track discounts via smartphone optimizing your expenses not only in the grocery supermarkets but also in the restaurant, pharmacy, and even hotels.

As a rule, shops update their discount programs on a weekly basis. So not to miss out on a single juicy offer, it is highly recommended to use weekly ad services. By the way, Rabato is one of the best solutions to use for this purpose. Their website is available in 12 countries. For example, if you want to check the US site version open the page and check the best offers.

How will you benefit from using the weekly ad service?

  1. Save money on regular purchases – Instead of rushing with the purchase at the very first shop, use weekly discounts and promos;
  2. Monitor market prices – You never know when the best time is to buy a particular service; however, weekly ad services will help you monitor market prices and clearly identify that very moment when you can afford buying a dress of your dream or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes;
  3. Plan your weekly budget – there is nothing better than having your digital budget planner in your pocket. By having a list of shops where you can buy the needed products at a low price, you can do the easy calculation and have an understanding of how much you are going to spend this week/ month/ etc.;
  4. Pay less and buy more – checking weekly ad services will boost your purchase capacity. Since you will be able to monitor the best market offers, you will automatically save your precious money and will have a chance to buy even more products.

In the digital era, it is not necessary to be a math genius or spend lots of time exploring the off-line grocery market and prices. All these data are available online and can be accessed at any time. All you need to do is to develop a habit of checking a weekly ad service of Rabato and get an idea of where you are going to shop this week.

Register or Not to Register?

Many online stores offer you to register an account by filling out personal data forms. Why does it make sense to register? Many stores immediately offer bonuses to their new customers – a certain amount of money or a small discount, which can be used for the first order. In addition, many stores give gifts or special discounts on the birthday of a customer, while the very advanced ones have closed sections that are available only to registered users. Another good thing about the registration is that it allows you to monitor discounts and promo seasons. So do not be lazy and spend a couple of minutes of your time to sign up for a shop newsletter.