How to Turn Off or Customize Sound Effects in Windows

Sound Effects

Sound effects in Windows are sometimes annoying especially in Windows 7. When you go from one folder to another in Windows Explorer, the click sound is annoying for users. Similarly few sounds for Windows 8, users are worried about the problem. We are here to turn off or disable the sound effects in Windows.

Disable or change all Sound effects

The process to disable the sound in Windows is quite simple. Follow the steps to disable all sound effects:

  1. On your Windows Desktop, Right click on a sound button.
  2. Open the Sound, Click on “No Sound” to disable the sound.
  3. Uncheck on “Play Windows Startup sound” if you want to disable the sound when you turn on your PC.
  4. Click on Apply then Ok to save changes.

Sometimes listening to similar sound effects is fed up with some people. Let’s change the sound effects, on the list where you select “No Sound” you can select another sound like “Quirky” in the drop down list.

Sound Effects

Customize Sound effects

Sometimes sounds make the mood of the people joyful. You can choose the sound effects of your own choice.

Step one:

Open the Sound as you opened above by right click on the volume.

Step Two

Choose any Event where you want to apply the desired sound.

Step Three

Select Browse and choose any file (Note: The file you select must be in .wav format). Click on apply and save the changes.

How to access other sounds in your Windows

There are other sound files in Windows by default. If you do not have .wav files, there are multiple different sounds that Microsoft provide us the facilities.

  • Choose any Event where you want to apply.
  • Choose Browse.
  • Go to Local Disk(C:) > Windows > Media

Different sound files are there for users in Windows, you can change any one of your choices.


Is your Windows Sound again turning on?

Yes, it happens a lot of times when you download Windows themes and apply a theme in your Windows. It may happen automatically and you have to use above procedure to turn off sound effects in Windows.


Important Note:

Windows 10 have no sounds it is by default turn off. You can turn on Windows 10 Sound effects (if you prefer).


Set Low Battery Alarm Sound

Sometimes you want to disable the Windows all sound but if you want to apply only for one Event For Example set low battery alarm. Simply, in the list, you must have to choose this option and click on ok to save the changes. Different Events are available; actually, these are alarm alerting sounds.

Sound Effects


We have described the procedure to turn off sound effects in Windows. The best thing we have seen that Microsoft is fulfilling the user’s requirement. As Windows 7 sound in Windows Explorer is somehow annoying but at the same time, Windows 10’s sound is by default silent. Customize the sound effect is another amazing feature in Windows. If you have any issue regarding changing the Sound effect or customizing it. Let us know in the comment.