What are processes? Why process running on my Windows?

What are processes Why process running on my Windows

What are the processes? Why process running on my Windows?

There is a list of process in the Task Manager or many process running on my Windows. If you saw someday in the task manager using Ctrl + Shift +Esc. And you want to end task and can’t end task then we have written a series of articles for you to know about different processes in Task Manager. For example sihclient.exe Client Server Runtime ProcessWhat is ctfmon.exeWhat is conhost.exe?

Above are the few content or processes running in the background that you can’t end process then it is the way to end the process using different ways.

Different Types of Processes

There are different types of processes. Here is the list of processes that sometimes directly end from task manager and sometimes can’t end process in task manager.

  1. Windows Process.
  2. Software Process.
  3. Third Party Process.
  4. Hardware Process.

Windows Process is mostly continuously running in the Background. Microsoft has built many other processes running on my PC.

Small Review on Processes Performance in Task Manager running on my Windows

I want to review quickly the windows task manager relating to performance ok so we want to close up on how to utilize your memory properly on your PC and that’s through the windows task manager. To open the Process, follow the steps:

  • Press ctrl+alt+delete and then click on the task manager button and click on the performance tab okay.
  • We’re only looking at the performance tab today under that you can see the CPU usage. Sometimes you have dual-core. Let suppose, you are using dual-core for the processes in task manager.

What is wmpnetwk.exe Why wmpnetwk.exe Running on My Windows

How to Improve Performance of Windows using Processes in Task Manager Windows 7, 8 and 10

so I’ve got two boxes one for each CPU that’s the history if you have one CPU then obviously you have one big box. There is a button you have to click on the CPU history.

and then select which one you have right the other thing so that I wanted to point out is the page file usage. So, if obviously if your page fault here is in the red then you need to increase your page file or add more physical RAM. Okay, so we need to go out and buy more RAM and install it and upgrade your PC.  That’s what that could tell you now ignore the totals here for the handles threads and processes.

What’s More Important For process running on my Windows?

Here are the important points you have to keep in mind about the processes running on windows and can’t end process. (process running on my Windows)

  • The most important thing here that you want to look at is how much physical memory you’ve got.
  • And how much is being used by the machine?
  • Here the Question in the mind of several people that How much RAM anyone using means 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM, 3Gb RAM and so on. They want to look at the physical and virtual memory. I’ve got to gig alright that’s what that total means to gig andI’ve got about one gig left alright and hundred thousand here that’s almost one gig left. Although the total commits charge that’s very important I’m going to talk about that that’s the total amount of physical memory and virtual memory in use by the machine.

When do you Need More RAM so that Process in Task Manager runs and the process does not depend on Speed?

Here the question everyone around the Internet about the processes that many people don’t have time to remove the unnecessary process in task manager. How can they know that they need more RAM? Here is the Answer:

  • How Do I know When I need More RAM? so I’ve to go through about one gig in a bit being used up by the machine now let’s talk a little bit about this commit charge. It’s important if the total commit charge exceeds the total physical memory then you probably need more RAM. The reason behind is the commit charge is regularly higher than the physical memory and that you always have to use the page file. And of course, this is OK and no need to worry about.

What are processes Why process running on my Windows

How Hard Drive affect the Processes in Task Manager?

The hard drive has the different effect on the processes running on my Windows. Your PC performance also depends on how fast your hard drive and your CPU is?

On the other hand, you might have to buy more RAM now if the peak commit charge is frequently at or near the limit commit charge then you need to increase your memory. So just pay attention. I said I’ll post all this stuff on the side here so you can read it again but what I’m trying to say here is that look at the limits look and see that things are not above what is being installed on the machine. All the process running on my Windows if you think that your PC performance got slow using this then you can end the process in Task Manager.

What to do If I Don’t want to End Process and Keep Windows Performance Better?

If you want to end the process and want to improve the performance of the Windows then the simple rule is to make a better system. You have to improve the Hard drive, generation, RAM, Good graphics Card. Also, What you have allocated in the machine because if you’re in the recall the time then obviously you need to increase your RAM. Moreover, this is what the task manager is about it tells you this information. Use the task manager to advantage take a look come in here frequently.

In the Long Run, What have, we Concluded about process can’t end?

In the end we are going to Provide you the List of all the processes on which we worked. These below process on my Windows runs and if you want to end process. Anthe d, process can’t end then check and we will help you to end these processes from the Task Manager.

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Thanks for reading our article, for any confusion about process running on my Windows, let us know in the Comment.