What to Consider When Choosing a Software Company


Software development is time-consuming, expensive, and complex. Only a true expert can provide the expected results without wasting your time and money. How do you find one?

There are 18.5 million software developers in the world. Thousands of software development companies offer their services online today. Some offer appealing prices, others pride themselves on “100% customer satisfaction” or stress their unique approach.

But all you really want is a good piece of software, check for the best suitable software who can give a hat tip to softwaremole. How can you tell if the company can develop it?

Let’s take a look at several points that can help you choose the right company today.

1.  Don’t Go For The Best Deal

Cheap software development services are highly unlikely to bring you satisfactory results. If the company is offering a suspiciously low price, you are in for some unpleasant surprises.

By choosing such a company, you are likely to get one or all of the following:

·         Lack of experience

·         Botched deadlines

·         Poor support

The only way you can get a high-quality program for a fraction of its real price is to hire a freelancer. However, finding a real “jewel” may take some time. In the end, you may be happy with the software but get no guarantees.

2.  Check The Portfolio Closely

Each respectable software development company has a portfolio. According to developers at Entrance Consulting, coders and designers are always happy to show the client their previous work. In fact, they are so proud of it that they’ll willingly share the previous clients’ details so you can get feedback.

If the company’s representatives aren’t being straightforward with the information about their past projects, something must be wrong.

3.  Evaluate The Expertise

According to software developers at Miropoint, the best software development company for your project is the one that already has experience working with similar programs. Do you need accounting software? A company with a portfolio full of entertainment mobile apps is hardly the best choice.

A software company may have recently hired a developer with experience in the finance niche. Then they should let you see that developer’s portfolio.

4.  Ask About The Plan

Each software developer has an idea about a development plan. When you share your resources and goals, you should get some feedback.

·         What will they start with?

·         How long will the first stage take?

·         What are the initial expenses?

·         Which method will be used? Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, etc.

Ask as many questions as you can before signing a contract. A respectable software development company will be more than happy to answer all of them.

5.  Monitor The Reaction

Your perfect software developer is the one deeply interested in your needs. When you meet the developers for the first time, watch their behavior. Are they sitting back and waiting for you to share as much information as possible or are they asking hundreds of questions?

When you are talking to the developers, also note how comfortable you feel around them. Software development may take months. Will you be comfortable interacting with these people on a regular basis?

6.  Consider Local Companies

While these days communication with remote companies is simplified, it’s still better to find a software developer you can talk to in person. All the project details are easier to discuss face to face.

When narrowing down the list of potential candidates, consider their location. If you can’t find a company near you, ask the representatives to explain how they structure the communication process.

If you opt for developers from another country, make sure the time difference is not too substantial.

Choosing a software company can take some time. Don’t rush to hire the first more or less suitable developer. The more effort you invest in searching, the fewer problems you are likely to face in the future.