Which Social Media Marketing Mistakes Should You Avoid?


Social media marketing isn’t effective or doesn’t work at all. That can be true. If you find it not working for you, it means you’re not doing things right. 

Successful businesses have incorporated these platforms into their marketing efforts. What has helped them is following the trends and learning from their competitors to create effective strategies. Even after they don’t get positive at the beginning, they don’t get discouraged because they know the power behind social media platforms. 

If you want to make a change in your social media marketing for the success of your business, get LinkedIn followers and avoid these mistakes:

Don’t think social media marketing is ineffective

The first social media mistake you can make is believing that social media marketing isn’t the right strategy for your industry or demographic. This could be a misconception because most believe that it’s for tech-savvy and teenagers. That’s not the case anymore. 

A recent study showed that the fastest growing demographic in Twitter is between the 55 – 64 years age bracket. On the other hand, for Facebook, the age bracket landed at 45 -54 years. Moreover, other social media platforms have well-represented demographics. 

In other words, you should accept that social media has penetrated society. Putting together an effective strategy for your social media marketing ahead of competitors gives you an upper hand. But to succeed, remove the negative mind that social media isn’t right for your business. 

Additionally, other social media platforms are also well represented. If you can effectively implement the right strategies, you will easily beat competitors. 

Lack of Social Media Marketing Plan

If you need to succeed in social media marketing, you need to have a concrete plan. Lack of a social media marketing plan will be a colossal waste of your time. A good plan to execute should be the first thing to consider before thinking of social media marketing. 

Social Media Marketing isn’t about what most people do: posting things on accounts and sharing the content in a different place to attract followers. By doing so, you’re not making an informed decision. 

To succeed with social media marketing, you need to approach things the same way you can plan for a marketing campaign. Your plan includes specific goals, a concrete plan outlining things you want to accomplish, and a budget. You also need to have ways to measure results and resources you should allocate. 

You shouldn’t jump into social media marketing knowledge that you don’t have a good plan. 

Measuring Wrong KPI’s

It is essential to measure key performance indicators for your marketing. However, you don’t have to be like most marketers who are trapped by vanity metrics. These indicators will measure followers on Twitter, fans on Facebook, and more. However, these marketers will be happy only when the number of these measurements grows. 

Unfortunately, social media differs from other marketing channels. You need to measure and analyze your social media impacts on your efforts. Avoid making a conclusion on the total number of followers or fans you get. 

You shouldn’t be misled by social media metrics. A good social media effort leads to more sales and not followers or fans. 

Treating all Social Networks the Same 

The other mistake you can make with social media marketing is thinking all these platforms are equal. If you end up addressing your audience inconsistently with the traditions of your social network is counterproductive and ineffective. This is the same as speaking Spanish in Germany. Most businesses will make the mistake of using the wrong language in their social media marketing. 

Additionally, all social media platforms have their specific customs, audience, type of content, and language. To make your efforts effective, learn the differences between the types of social networks. You have to learn how people using these platforms communicate.

In other words, avoid posting the same message or information to all social media accounts. It would be a big mistake in your marketing. 

Lack of Engagement in Conversations

Nothing makes you feel bad like posting an update, but no one responds or shares it. You need to post content that can elicit conversation with your audience. So, when you don’t get the reactions from your posts, you should revisit your overall strategy. 

On the other hand, after a person comments or responds to any of your posts, try to reply to them. Even when the comment is either positive or negative, get an opportunity to communicate with them directly. 

However, when relying on positive or negative comments, be personable and friendly. After all, that’s why you market on the social media platform. Don’t limit communication with individuals through social media to the marketing department. Try to involve other departments to communicate with your customers, such as customer service, billing, production, and sales. 

Connecting When Opposed to Networking

Having thousands of followers who aren’t your ideal customers will have little to contribute to your social media platforms. And this will not provide your business with desirable results. An excellent social media marketing strategy should attract and engage prospects. It should also increase the exposure of your content and messages. 

On the other hand, you have to make your interactions meaningful. This is because networking is adding value to your relationship. Set some time when you will reach out and create personalized messages, discuss, comment, and share content instead of pushing everyone’s throat. 

If you add value to these relationships, then others will have to pay attention. 

Too Much Dependency on Automation 

Lastly, some companies make the common mistake of relying on the automation of social media accounts. That’s not the power of social media. The reasons why people use social media it’s for interaction purpose with others. Perhaps people note that your posts are usually automated; they distance from your brand. Moreover, in extreme cases, when you spam them too much with irrelevant automatic content, it becomes a step of losing them. 

So, to succeed in social media marketing, your presence should have a personal touch. You have to be careful not to alienate the audience when you post content automatically. Try to figure out ways to delight, inspire and entertain by posting personalized and authentic content.