Working from Home: 5 Apps to Use for Time and Task Tracking


People are constantly looking for jobs where they can work from home, especially during the pandemic. That means that sites like Search Remotely are busy for both people looking for employment and companies needing workers. People need to have apps and programs to help with tracking both time and tasks.

Basecamp 3 Communication

Basecamp is a good program for those needing to keep track of ongoing projects. This allows everyone to know what tasks are completed so that they are not repeated. This app allows for communication between all involved in a way that keeps away those who do not need to be involved. It has a message board to keep away the clutter of too many emails. The program also allows the team to not worry about meetings that can be a waste of time by having the ability to add notes at key areas and still communicate easily.

RescueTime App

Keeping up productivity for someone working from home for the first time can be challenging in many ways. RescueTime allows people to block those sites that can drain their productivity away. This is also the program to track a person’s productivity with charts and reports. This is the program to see where a person can improve and when their best time to work is. This is a program that can take a person from struggling with working from home for the first time to being someone that is bragged about in meetings and is used as an example.

HourStack Visuals

Some people need a slightly different look to something to help them through their day. That is where HourStack comes in and organizes in a manner that is simple for all to understand. This is a daily organizer that can help a single person, management, and an entire team with seeing what is going on within a day. Many people grew up with similar schedules, so this will just be a modern way to handle a calendar. No person needs to deal with complicated designs when a program like HourStack has the entire scenario worked out for all.

Microsoft 365

How many people knew that their Windows computer had yet another program available so that customers do not need to look elsewhere? This is the case with Microsoft 365 and tracking tasks that have to be accomplished. The program is the way the majority of offices maintain any number of tasks, so this is the right fit for the calendar and communication features already available. A person just needs to find how they want to plan out the project and move forward. This is yet another way that Microsoft has to make sure the price is worth it.

Trello Programs

There are many people who know what Trello is, which has a varied list of industry leaders as their customers. The interface is large enough that people are not feeling like they are straining their eyes. The software is simple enough that it is not difficult for people that speak different languages to understand what is happening. This is the program that is also able to scale to the size of the group needing to use it with little difficulty. When a person wants a program that has been tested by many, Trello is an option for them.

There are any number of programs available to track what happens in a day. What might be right for one person may not be right for someone else. Try each choice out before using them on a regular basis. The right program can pay for itself with needed efficiency finds.