10 Apps You Must Get with Your iTunes Gift Card

10 Apps You Must Get with Your iTunes Gift Card

One of the best presents that you can get is to have an iTunes gift card. Though the payment models have shown a huge shift in the App Store still you can get a couple of good apps with your gift cards. The App Store is full of many options. You can have interesting games, podcast apps, or even apps to learn and write. For kids to adults, there are apps to cater to every gender and their needs. From such a pool of suggestion, it’s hard to get a good catch. So here is a list of apps that you can get to make your life even more pleasing.

App # 1: Things

So the first in our list is the app named Things by Cultured Code. It is easy to use and fun to keep kind of application. Its dark theme makes it look more professional and bring ease in arranging and managing the schedule. The app is basically to manage and schedule your day. It has a number of options categories and features. In a proper table like interface, you can gather all your work for your to-do-list at one place.

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App # 2: Tweetbot

Tweetbot is one of the award-winning IOS apps. You can create lists, share powerful filters. You can find GIFs using the right keyword or expressions. Although, you can even enjoy the timeline filters that reveal your tweets. You can hide your tweets or control the public views. With the help of Tweetbots, you can manage your Tweet handle in the way you want. It is one of the most recommended apps by the IOS application development company.

App # 3: Alto’s Odyssey

When looking to get your hands on some exciting games, Alto’s Odyssey is by far the best to have. It is a follow-up sequel for the earlier release the Alto’s Adventure and this one too is equally engaging and compelling. If you have the New IPad Pro than you must get the game and run endlessly to save yourself.

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App # 4: HomeRun

This is only for those who have an Apple watch and a Homekit. If you have both of these things to run the devices effortlessly you need to download the app HomeRun as it will help you operate the Homekit using your Apple Watch without any trouble.

App # 5: Apollo for Reddit

Apollo is, without doubt, the best app, which one must have in their iPhones. By far the best apps for Reddit is Apollo which offers a full-fledged interface to manage your social life. From providing a proper display to comment and indulge in different activities to having full media support it is the perfect app to kill your free time. Though Apollo is a free download but to access its advanced features you have to pay the price.

App # 6: Donut County

Its name may sound funny but the game is epic! Once you start playing it you will feel trouble stopping. It’s a collection of mind games and tricky puzzles. The app has been ranked among the best IOS apps of 2018 so it really worth your try. Simply download it using your gift card and refresh your brain intelligence. It has story-based physics puzzles so this one will really trick your brain.

App # 7: AutoSleep

Have you ever downloaded a sleep-tracking app on your iPhone? Not yet, well its time you need to get your hands on AutoSleep as it will improve your sleep quality and will let you tack your time. One must have a proper sleep cycle to spend the rest of the day is fresh and mentally stable.

App # 8: Deliveries

Do you own a small retail business or you have to deliver a lot of parcels and packages? Well, here the catch you must download the app “Deliveries” and become a relief to keep the track of every parcel. The app is getting better with every passing hour as the new IOS versions hit the market. So, it is the best app you can have to streamline your deliveries. Moreover, even Siri can handle most of the operations. You do not even have to look at your phone.

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App # 9: Carrot Weather

In case you have to keep a proper update about the weather condition, you can have the app Carrot Weather to get the most appropriate readings.

App # 10: Desert Golfing

It is an indie game that allows you to make good use of your time. If you have a love to play golf you can do that while resting on your couch.

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