Advanced Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2019

Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2018

Windows 10 has more advanced features than Other Windows series. Microsoft is still focusing on Windows 10 features. In Windows 7, there were a proper start Menu option and a slow browser. After then, in Windows 8/8.1 start Menu option changed into another Menu like Windows own Menu. With the passage of time, In Windows 10 Start Menu returns Back and Windows 10’s Browser “Edge Browser” is unique and work perfectly. Here we have the Few Advanced Hidden Windows 10 Tips and Tricks of 2019:

Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2019

1: Cortana in Windows 10

Before move on, keep in mind that Cortana has a lot of Tips and tricks. The main Feature of Cortana in Windows 10 is, you can search anything in Windows system using two ways. First, by typing something you want to search. Second, you can search using own Voice.

2: Edge Browser (Tips and Tricks)

EDGEHTML rendering engine basically provides better search engines. Microsoft did great focus on Edge Browser and there are many hidden tricks of Edge Browser.  Edge browser is smooth, reliable and runs with perfect speed.

3: Shut Down Windows 10 with a single Click

There were issues In Windows 10 about a proper shutdown. Windows 10 shutdown Problem has solved. It all happens due to Advanced Hidden Windows 10 Tips and Tricks of 2019. Few PCs take a lot of time to shut down. Sometimes, due to Installation of Heavy Software Windows start hanging. Therefore at that time, you need to Restart or Shut down Windows 10 in a single Click. Create a Shortcut way to shut down Windows 10 faster. This shortcut not only allows to shut down Windows 10 but also speed up Windows 10.

4: Resize the Start Menu

Advanced Hidden Windows 10 Tips and Tricks of 2019 return us a Start Menu from Windows 7. In Windows 10, you can resize the Start Menu using drag option. Just drag from the Corner of the start menu to bigger and smaller the Menu. Many Windows users don’t know this tip and trick.

5: Windows 10 Action Center

Windows 10 Action Center is more advanced in Windows series. All the notification, for example, email, Windows defender, Windows 10 update Notification are gathered in Action Center. On the other hand, there are many other direct options in Action Center Like, Bluetooth Turn on or Off, VPN, Night Light, Airplane Mode and much more.

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6: Set Reminders and Get Direction using Cortana

Go to the Cortana Type: “Remind me to” will you to enter a time or location for your reminder. There are many other options to remind for example, “Remind me to exercise in the morning”, “Remind me to wake up early”.

Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2018


Using the Cortana Directions, you can get all the nearest directions where you want to visit or search.

7: Create Multiple Desktops

On the right side of Search Menu in Windows 10, there is a hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2019 that is, Multiple Desktops. When you click on this Button, all the Desktop appear and where you can create your own Desktop. Click on +New Desktop to create Multiple Desktops.


Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2018

8: Change Folder Colors in Windows 10(Windows 10 tips and tricks)

Yes, it is true to change the folder colors in Windows 10. There are many free and paid software are available for Windows 10. Moreover, here is the list of free software to change folder color in Windows 10.

9: New Ribbon Menu in File Explorer

Much like late forms of Microsoft Office, the new File Explorer utilizes what is known as a Ribbon menu. When you click one of the menu alternatives close to the highest point of the screen (File, Home, Share, or View), this new menu will show up.

10: Voice Recorder (Windows 10 Tips and Tricks)

If we Talk about Screen Recorder, Windows 10 comes with the amazing  Xbox app, and within that is a screen recorder function that you can use in other apps. For Voice Recorder:

  • On the other hand, go to Search Menu.
  • Type “Voice Recorder”.
  • Click on Start and Enjoy Voice Recorder.

Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2018

At last, What else Hidden Windows 10 tips and tricks of 2019?

There are also other Windows 10 tips and tricks. For more Windows 10 Tips and Tricks, Check Here.

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