Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10

Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10

Welcome Windows 10, good bye Windows 8, 8.1 and 7. Windows 10 is the newest version in the History of Microsoft. In Windows 10, everything is about to change for example Cortana feature, Windows theme and everything change in Windows 10. We will encourage you to upgrade to Windows 10. Moreover, we will mention all the Good and Bad in Windows 10. Also, today we will discuss in detail about Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Before move on, let’s highlight the few facts of Windows 10. The first fact is, Windows 10 highly feature Window in all its Version. On the other hand, Windows 7 has no any specific features.

Below are the Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10 its important for every newcomer in Windows 10.

Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10

Here are the Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10:

1- Windows 10 features:

Windows 10 has thousand of features Microsoft has completed his maximum promises in Windows 10. Moreover, we are expecting more for Windows 10. We will see that, will Microsoft still focus on Windows 10 features? Is this reason enough for upgrading to Windows 10. Here is the list of Windows 10 features that will give the answer to this question. “Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

  • Game Mode

  • Touch surfaces or Paint 3D

  • More Themes on Store

  • Change Screen Resolution Easier

  • Windows 10 Defender

These are the just limited feature for understanding more feature, We recommend to read this:

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2-The Start menu is back

Microsoft has spent a lot of time on the creation of Smart Screen, and as a result, Microsoft has created a Beautiful design for Smart Menu.

Windows 10 joins the best of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and it brings the best of the two universes. In the new form everything will look recognizable, maybe the primary element you’ll see is the arrival of Start menu.

The Start menu is back, and the Start screen is no more. Windows 7 smart Menu was too boring for the users.

3-Cortana is one of Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10

Cortana has itself a lot feature in Windows 10. Moreover, it helps the users to search any program in Windows 10 easily.

You can utilize it to get climate figures, set updates, disclose to your jokes, send email, discover records, look through the Internet et cetera. Windows 10 clients will discover the pursuit box where Cortana lives

On the other hand, On the off chance that you have taken a photo of a receipt or place, or any moment, simply sort something you recall that moment and everything related will show up.

Cortana is a voice-actuated individual right hand.

4- Windows 10 Apps from Store

Windows 10 has Microsoft Store and it contains Windows applications. Also, you can download all kind of Mobile applications on Windows 10. This feature is more advanced than Windows 8 or 8.1 and urges you to upgrade to Windows 10. Furthermore, there have been enhancements on the Taskbar, however, ease of use keeps on being the same.

Windows 10 App Store


With Windows 10, the product creator is including Continuum, which a great many people know as Tablet mode. Moreover,  it’s an element that naturally switches the user interface from a mouse and console to a touch-upgraded condition. This is a reason to upgrade to Windows 10.

Windows 10 Continuum

6- Snap Assist

Snap Assist was also present in Windows 7. It forces the users to upgrade to Windows 10. Also, may be this the reason many users wish to upgrade to Windows 10. If you like to Snap multiple apps in Windows 7, then obviously Windows 10 Snap Assist is just an amazing.

  • It allows you to snap at least four apps on the screen at a time in Windows 10.

The main feature is, when you snap one app on a screen all the related apps will automatically appear on the screen. Moreover, the advantage of displaying related app is you may be like to snap next on the screen.

Windows 10 snap assist

7- Action Center (finally You Should Upgrade to Windows 10)

Microsoft has launched a new Action Center in Windows 10 similar to Apple’s operating System. Action Center helps the users to get all the Notifications on the screen. For example, when any new Update in Windows 10 comes, the notification of new update appear on Action Center.

You can also swipe all the Notifications appear in Action Center. For more about Action Center, we recommend to read our article also, so that you should upgrade to Windows 10:

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8- Hello Windows 10

Windows 10 updates on the daily basis about maximizing the features in Windows 10 attracts the users to upgrade to Windows 10. Also, this feature is one of these Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10.

Using the Windows Hello feature, you can easily ditch the password and pin also. Moreover, Some PCs have infrared sensors which help biometric authentication of the Operating System Feature.

Windows 10 also allows you to fingerprint scanner for authentication of the users to enter the Operating System.

9- Microsoft Edge

If your question is still in mind that “Should I upgrade to Windows 10?” The answer is “Yes”. Good bye to Old slow Internet Explorer, Welcome Windows 10 Microsoft Edge. The main reason to upgrade to Windows 10. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that “Microsoft Edge is far better than Google Chrome”.

Edge provides the latest features in Browser which is reliable to use. You can also save the web pages for later reading the articles and other stuff.

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10- Setting App

Another Worth reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is Setting App. Setting App is the new feature for the ease of users with the simple interface and setting up the Operating System according to you.

On the other hand, Windows 7 and Windows 8 has a limited feature of Setting up the whole system in a simple way. Therefore, we usually recommend upgrading to Windows 10 because of the simple interface.

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11- Xbox In Windows 10 for Gaming

As new Operating System launched in the market, it has more ability to play games. Also, you can play games with more performance with DirectX. You can also connect your Xbox remotely in Windows 10 with game streaming.

Moreover, if you are playing in another room, Xbox feature is that you don’t need to connect your Xbox One controller.

12- Contact App in Windows 10 for Solving Issues

Almost in every tech, you need Support Center for solving various kinds of problems. Similarly, in Windows 10 Microsoft includes the Contact App for solving the problems of their users.

  • Account and Billing Helps.
  • Services and Application.
  • Information about Latest Updates.

13- Multitasking Using Task View

Multitasking in Windows 10, is very useful to open the multiple tasks once. Windows 10 has now “Virtual Desktop“. Virtual Desktop is an old feature of Windows series. Moreover, Windows XP has also feature of enabling Virtual Desktop.

On the other hand, in this new version of Windows 10, task View engaged the users to upgrade to Windows 10. When we run multiple apps, task view helps the users to manage all the running apps on the operating System.

14- Windows 10 is Free Available

It is happy to announce that Windows 10 is freely available in all Version. For Education or Professional use, Windows 10 upgrade or new Installation in Windows 10 is also free. Therefore, freely feature is the Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10.

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Microsoft has maximized the features in Windows 10 and reduce the installation timing in Windows 10. You can also download the Windows 10 freely.

The new operating System Windows 10 allows other windows to upgrade to Windows 10 from other Version. For example, you can upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8 freely.

15- Windows 10 Themes(Reason to upgrade to Windows 10)

Windows 10 has thousand of themes available on Microsoft site freely. Also, you can download the themes and install Windows 10 themes on your operating System as Desktop.

On the other hand, you can also install and download the custom themes in Windows 10. Likewise, Windows 10 custom themes are much better than Windows 7 themes.


Windows 10 theme

16-Weather, News And More Games

Windows 10 has weather feature. Using this feature you can enable or disable the weather Notification.

  • Go to Start > Type Weather App.
  • Click to open the Weather Application.

You can also check the Weather History using Weather feature. Historical weather is also available as well as Forecast Weather also available. Moreover, Using this App you must Connect to the Internet.

If you are connected to the Internet, you can get all the News from all over the World Using Windows 10 News Feature.

  • Go to Start Menu and get News feature from there.

Windows 10 has more updated games available. Moreover, you can download the games from Windows 10 play store and built-in games are also available.

17- Windows 10 works as Service

Windows 10 works as a Service is moving far from huge discharges each 3 to 4 years, making forming a relic of days gone by. Services in Windows 10 is one of the Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10.

You don’t need to worry there is the only one-time upgrade of Windows 10. Once you upgraded to Windows 10, then there does not cost on it. Moreover, you can apply all the services for the better use. This one is the advantage to upgrade to Windows 10.

18- Connect the devices with Core

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a dream Windows for everyone to use. Multiple devices can interact with it and use for the communication of many devices.

In the new Version of Windows 10, you can also connect the devices, for example, IoT devices can easily connect in Windows 10.

19- Automatic Updates, when upgrade to Windows 10

In Windows 10, all the drivers are automatically updated. To get latest features of Windows 10, you have to download and install Windows 10 updates. Windows 10 updates are also important to get more features, to refresh the Windows 10.

Here are the few recommendations for updates in Windows 10:

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20- The Design (Reason to update to Windows 10)

MDL2(Microsoft Design Language 2) is the design language of Windows 10. In the past, Windows 10 was criticized for its unbalanced design.

With the passage of time, a design of Windows 10 becomes better and better for the usability of Windows 10 users. Now, a whole operating system is beautifully built.

At the end, there are few questions in the mind of every user of Windows 10. Let’s quickly get the answers to these questions.

Windows 10

Should I upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7?

From the above Top 20 reasons, you should upgrade to Windows 10. Yes, I will recommend you to upgrade to Windows 10 from any other Version of Windows. Either you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 if you have good operating System. Go for Windows 10 and use all the available feature of Windows 10.

Is Windows 10 Good or Bad?

From the above analysis, we concluded that Windows 10 is Good than other Version of Windows series. Moreover, Windows 10 is reliable to use and easily update and have many functionalities.

what happens if I don’t upgrade to windows 10?

Nothing will happen, but more will happen. Keep these things in mind If you don’t want to upgrade to Windows 10:

  • You will not get latest updates from Microsoft.
  • Windows Version will remain outdated.
  • You Windows might be run slow.
  • Windows performance decreases day by day(if Windows is outdated).

why does Microsoft want me to upgrade to windows 10?

Microsoft automatically installs the update. Also, drivers have also installed automatically in Windows 10. Windows 10 sends updates on daily basis.

On the other hand, Microsoft wants to give maximum features to their users. That’s why Microsoft want me to upgrade to Windows 10.

Advantages of windows 10 over windows 8
  1. Windows 10 has more feature than Windows 8.
  2. Windows 8 does not have Edge Browser.
  3. Drivers are automatically Install in Windows 10.

Above are the Top 20 reasons you should upgrade to Windows 10? Which feature of Windows 10 are you missing? Let us know in the Comment.